Blackbird Incense Featured on Hello Real Life
December 08, 2017

Blackbird Incense Featured on Hello Real Life

Blackbird's incense is in good company in this nifty feature over on Hello Real Life.

Good Vibrations
By Mindy White on December 8, 2017

Now that The Beach Boys are stuck in your head, what I really want to talk about is energy. Ever since I was little, I’ve been intrigued with magic, energy, angels, spirits, faith—you name it—I was always curious. I think it’s just the unknown itself that fascinates me, especially energy.

There’s a lot more to the saying “good vibes only.” It’s because we, as in humans, people, plants and objects constantly give off vibrations. We’ve all been around people that have a negative vibe, been to a place with amazing energy (like the ocean or a park), and met someone with addictive spirit that we want to be around more and more. That’s energy working. And, that’s why it’s important to learn how to control your own energy so you’re not as easily affected by other’s. That’s where things like crystals, oils, smudges, and other metaphysical findings come into play. In a similar way that people wear crosses around their necks, when used correctly and spiritually, these items can help you control, deflect, and even attract certain energies. Not to mention, they’re just beautiful and comforting to have around.

Visit the blog post to view the entire gift guide.

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Y06-S called "one of my favorite perfumes of the year" on Now Smell This
November 29, 2017

Y06-S called "one of my favorite perfumes of the year" on Now Smell This

Y06-S receives a rave review on Now Smell This, where reviewer Kevin calls it "one of my favorite perfumes of the year".

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Blackbird Triton in Joshuas
November 24, 2017

Blackbird Triton in Joshua's Winter Fragrance Feature

Blackbird's Triton was recently featured in Joshua's winter fragrance feature.

Joshua's Magazine
November 23, 2017

Triton, named after the moon of Neptune that was in turn named after the son of Poseidon, is a cold fragrance. Its scent carries the nose to the icy surface of its namesake moon, but is not unrelenting. 

It's about finding the beauty of a frozen landscape.


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Blackbird in GQ
September 13, 2017


Blackbird Shave Oil was recently featured as a welcome addition to the tidiest of GQ Dopp kits:

This Is the Correct Way to Pack a Dopp Kit

Invest in dry shampoo. Trust us.

I don't know who invented the dopp kit (and I refuse to fall down that wikipedia blackhole), but I suspect this person had a lot of obsessive grooming habits and had never heard of travel sizes. We'll forgive them. But we should not forgive every dopp kit maker that came afterwards.

There is no reason you need a shoebox worth of product when you’re going away for a long weekend. Somehow what should be a simple, small pouch has turned into a leather-and-canvas arms race.

I'm here to set the record straight: A dopp kit should be about the size of a pencil case. I keep mine fully-packed at all times, so I can just throw it in my backpack and go. (This, by the way, is the true power of a small dopp kit: it fits neatly in your backpack, staying easily accessible and not taking up space in the roller bag.) I’ve taken the same combination of supplies on one-night escapes and on two-week-long, multi-city voyages. It is tried and true. Here is everything you need:

1. Collapsible toothbrush.
Quip makes a good one.

2. Small toothpaste.
Available at every drug store.

3. A small vial of dry shampoo
You do not need to bring your industrial size containers of shampoo and conditioner when you go away for a week. (And by the way, you’re washing your hair too much anyway. Skip a day.) Go to Flight 001 and get a few cheap plastic vials. Then invest in some dry shampoo. Why? Because it does the same thing as the regular stuff, and because after a long, gross red-eye, you can duck into an airport bathroom, run some of it through your hair, and be good to go for the rest of the day. I like Empire Apothecary Hair Dust. It’s organic and it smells like clay. I bring a tiny vial of it everywhere I go. It looks like cocaine but I’ve been back and forth from South America three times this year and it hasn’t been an issue.

4. A small vial of your favorite body wash.
Fill up one of those little plastic vials you bought. A couple of liquid ounces should be fine. This one isn’t even mandatory–most hotels have soap. If they do, and if you happen to like that soap, take an extra mini-bottle home and stuff it in your kit for next time.

4. Shave Oil
Shave oil is your all-in-one solution, and a little bit goes a long way. A good oil preps the skin, moisturizes, and helps the razor glide smoothly over the trouble spots. I swear by an organic, house-made shave oil from a barbershop in Brooklyn called Blue & Black. Love the stuff, but I don’t know how easy it is to find. Blackbird also makes a good one.


Read the full story here.

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Blackbird on StyleZeitgeist - Richness in Minimalism
July 22, 2017

Blackbird on StyleZeitgeist - Richness in Minimalism

Stylezeitgeist reviews the Blackbird perfume collection:
APRIL 14, 2017

In 2004, there was a fashion design house neatly tucked away in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle, Washington, which also ran a retail store. Today, the heart of the brand Blackbird still beats fervently as its triad of alchemists provide the brand its blood, or in this case, perfume. The brand’s stomping grounds are now predominantly digital, and Blackbird has shown us that you need not abandon your roots when you’re uprooted. Continuing with its minimalist aesthetic, the brand preserves its presence in nearly a dozen countries and more than half a hundred dot coms that stock its scents.

Since 2012 the brand has released 13 fragrances, most of them unisex. Currently, Blackbird extends their services to providing their customer base with merchandise that includes incense cones, beard oils, scarves, and various other accessories. Despite their deceptively simple presentation, Blackbird fragrances are not for the faint of heart.

To start, Targa, a composition laden with the smokiest of perfume notes, evokes its incense counterpart without the need for fire. This frankincense-and-myrrh-driven creation would be the brand’s poster child, if there ever were one. The resins of the composition build a base of warmth while the woodsy notes, ranging from cedar to sandalwood and even agarwood, capture the fragrance’s virility.  Like the creases in worn-in denim that have contoured themselves to the wearer’s silhouette, Targa embraces its distinctiveness and sets itself in opposition to the mass perfume market.

Another personal favorite is Anemone. Like its water-dwelling namesake, Anemone greets the wearer with a marine-like undertone accomplished through the use of ambergris. Ambergris is a regurgitation of the sperm whale, and it is harvested by sea farmers who occasionally, with no small degree of luck, find the opaque-colored matter floating in the middle of the ocean. A single gram of the perfume ingredient can sell for as much as a thousand dollars, depending on how fresh it is. This aquatic note is made accessible in this fragrance because it’s paired up with plum. The latter ingredient is often achieved through the use of synthetics such as prunella (Firmenich), butyl anthranilate, and beta-damascone (Firmenich). The end result is an unusual, effervescent scent that envelops the wearer with its aroma of overripe, salted fruits.

If you decide to sample the line, make sure you don’t overlook Hallow. Hallow’s resinous note of benzoin delivers a medicinal and smoky essence with a vanilla overtone. The fragrance is strangely addictive and unapologetically different. Or, if burnt rubber is your thing, try Moto Oud. Mizuchi is another one that shares the same gravitas with its notes of ink and paperbark.

All in all, the diversity of scents in the Blackbird line is as wide spanning as the range of notes arpeggiated on McCartney’s fretboard in his eponymously titled hit. We hope you have a chance to try some for yourself.


We have highlighted some of our favorites of the collection. Below are the notes on the full lineup:

Anemone – developed by perfumer Nicole Miller. An oriental floral fragrance with notes of plum, pink lotus, champagne, honey, tobacco, ambergris, styrax, and labdanum. Starting at $58, in Eau de Parfum.

Broken Glass – developed by perfumer Aaron Way. A floral fragrance with notes of jasmine, geranium, rose, opopanax, amyris, angelica root, violet leaf, chamomile, davana, bitter almond, cardamom, and pink pepper. Starting at $58, in Eau de Parfum.

Hallow – An oriental spicy fragrance with notes of incense, benzoin, frankincense, oud, and marzipan. Starting at $58, in Eau de Parfum.

Iroko – developed by perfumer Eliam Puente. A woody fragrance with notes of sandalwood, teak, and dry cedar. Starting at $58, in Eau de Parfum.

Mizuchi – developed by perfumer Eliam Puente. An aromatic spicy fragrance with notes of ink, paper, mild tobacco, and dry woods. Starting at $58, in Eau de Parfum.

Moto Oud – developed by perfumer Eliam Puente. A woody aromatic fragrance with notes of oud, leather, burnt rubber, and spice. Starting at $58, in Eau de Parfum.

Ophir – developed by perfumer Aaron Way. An oriental woody fragrance with notes of sandalwood, tonka bean, amyris, siam wood, muhuhu, rose hip seed, cedarwood, guaiacwood, myrtle leaf, cypress leaf, rosewood leaf, frankincense, saffron, pistachio, hazelnut, opopanax, lavender, ambrette seed, bay, rose, black pepper, and nutmeg. Starting at $58, in Eau de Parfum.

Pipe Bomb – developed by perfumer Eliam Puente. An aromatic aquatic fragrance with notes of saltwater, metal, and amber. Starting at $58, in Eau de Parfum.

Pipe Bomb Intense – An oriental woody fragrance with notes of saltwater, metal, smoke, amber, and oud. Starting at $58, in Eau de Parfum.

Targa – developed by perfumer Aaron Way. A woody spicy fragrance with notes of guaiacwood, teak, oud, copaiba balsam, Indian frankincense, cedar, black pepper, nutmeg, choya loban, nagarmotha, Omani frankincense, sandalwood, green peppercorn, smoke, oak, cistus, ambrette, myrrh, davana, helichrysum, geranium, vetiver, caraway, and opopanax. Starting at $58, in Eau de Parfum.

The Wendol – developed by perfumer Eliam Puente. A woody aquatic fragrance with notes of vetiver, soil tincture, moss, and aquatic notes.

Tinderbox – developed by perfumer Eliam Puente. A woody aromatic fragrance with notes of cedar, metallic notes, and white pepper.

Triton – developed by perfumer Aaron Way. An aromatic fragrance with notes of violet leaf, iris root, cedar, aldehyde, incense, mimosa, carrot seed, dry amber, vetiver, styrax, black pepper. Starting at $58, in Eau de Parfum

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July 18, 2017

GQ: Skip the moisturizer, go Blackbird

Why You Should Skip the Moisturizer This Summer



I am a sweaty man, and nothing gets my pores streaming like the summer heat. I sweat gallons in the sun, especially if it’s humid. Much of that percolation occurs above the shoulders. I've got all kinds of techniques for combatting the summer sweats, but I recently realized one grooming habit of mine was exacerbating the problem: moisturizer.

Moisturizing is, in my opinion, one of two essential daily skincare steps that every human should take (in addition to cleansing; do them both twice daily). Moisturizer hydrates your cells, promotes healthy turnover, and creates a barrier over your skin to protect it from environmental wear (and UV rays, if it's packing SPF). However, it’s that barrier of dense cream that gives me extra (like, three times as much) sweat in the summer. If I don’t apply moisturizer and step outside in 80-degree heat, I adjust and only sweat from the heat itself. If I do apply moisturizer, I could stand over the front lawn and water it with my brow sweat.

So, I stopped using moisturizer in the summer. (In the daytime, at least. I still advocate for a nice night cream + air conditioner combo at bedtime.) But because it’s still imperative to hydrate and protect the cells, I have to replace it with something else.

Enter face oils. They’re lightweight, and a couple drops will soak evenly and seamlessly into the face, leaving no oily residue. They work as expert hydrators, penetrating all three layers of the skin like a serum, instead of just sitting atop the first layer like a moisturizer. They protect you from the elements (aside from UV rays), since they’re lipophilic (meaning, they trap in moisture and block out the bad stuff that ages you and clogs pores). And, as a solution to the sweating, they let the pores breathe more than a moisturizer might.

The one downside is that creams have more corrective, nourishing benefits than oil. But, since you’re still using a dense moisturizer or night cream at bedtime, you’ll get those healing benefits while your cells regenerate overnight. (That’s when it’s more imperative, anyway.)

The oils you can buy specifically as moisturizer substitutes usually use Vitamin E-rich oils such as argan, avocado, and jojoba. You should avoid anything with fragrance, which can easily irritate the skin.

I have oily skin and still benefit from the added oil. It absorbs easily and doesn’t make my skin any oilier. Instead, it actually balances the oil production, but, more importantly, adds nutrients to my skin while letting the pores breathe.

People with dry skin who will benefit most from using face oils, and those individuals might consider replacing their moisturizers permanently, not just in warm months. Oils will hydrate much deeper than any moisturizer, and will of course add oil to the dry skin, which is incapable of producing enough itself. This should help minimize acne and scaly skin, too.

To get you started, here are three face oils I love:

F. Miller Face Oil: Top shelf stuff. A blend of 15 natural oils.

Plant Apothecary Face Oil: Engineered for dry skin, with almond, macadamia, and rosemary oils, plus Vitamin E.

Blackbird Universal Face Oil: Oils can be costly, and Blackbird’s UV-resistant white glass gives it a much longer shelf life than the typical 1-year run.


So, here’s my recommended summer skincare strategy, if you’re planning on incorporating oil into the routine:

1. After cleansing in the morning, hydrate with a couple drops of face oil.

2. If you’ll be outside for less than 15 minutes, wear a hat to protect your face, as you head to work or the grocery store.

3. If you’ll be outside for a while, then apply a lightweight moisturizer-sunscreen hybrid right before going out. (You should still apply the oil in the morning. Only substitute the oil for sunscreen entirely if hanging outside the first thing you’re doing that day.) I can’t say enough good about COOLA’s Classic Unscented Sunscreen. It’s like whipped butter and has never aggravated my sweaty situation.

4. Apply night cream or dense moisturizer before bed. If you opt for nighttime retinol treatments, remember that SPF protection during the day is especially imperative. Just be sure to cleanse thoroughly, to wash it all away before any sun exposure. These guidelines should still suit you, but at the first sign of sun irritation, you should switch back to an SPF-packed moisturizer at all times.

Check out the full story here.

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February 09, 2017

SEATTLE TIMES - "Battle winter chill with these cozy nesting pieces" - BLACKBIRD x LONEWA BURNER + INCENSE

Featured in the Seattle Times / ShopNW article about battling winter chill.



If you are serious about good smells, the Blackbird x Lonewa Burner and Incense ($68 at make it easy. Local company Blackbird paired with Lonewa, based in Louisiana, to add a burner to its line of lauded incense.

Read more at The Seattle Times

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February 07, 2017

Sweet: "Indie Scents You Wont Find At Your Local Department Store" - Blackbird Ophir

Featured on Snapchat Discover's Sweet channel in their "Indie Scents You Wont Find At Your Local Department Store" story.



When You're Feeling a Little Nutty
Ophir Eau de Parfum, $58,
What It Smells Like: Pistachio, hazelnut, black pepper, tonka bean, and sandalwood
How It Will Make You Feel: We're firm believers in embracing your weirdness, whatever that means to you—so when you're feeling especially eccentric, splash on this nut-meets-wood scent, which will match the #stayweird vibes you're proudly giving out.


Read more on sweet.


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January 04, 2017




Translated "The Fragrance Store is a perfume boutique. A small perfumery specializing in unique fragrances that their main stream not to be. With scents of which you 99% certainty can tell you at a party or dinner will not have the same scent soon as another."


Read More on Your Little Black Book

Watch the video on Your Little Black Book YouTube

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December 29, 2016

Bon Appetit - Incense It's Smoking Hot : Blackbird Izba Incense

Good Point: Burn these jet-black lavender-scented cones on the metal lid on their sleek canister. Izba incense, $30 for 20 cones;

In the September issue of Bon Appetit

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December 14, 2016

Bespoke Post Review – December 2016 Subscription Box – “Dwell”

Gorgo Incense Pyres by Blackbird ($7.50): I am not generally a big incense fan, but this scent is not like any incense I have ever smelled.  It has notes of “wood bouquet and beeswax” and is “inspired by the ancient Greek myth of Queen Gorgo of Sparta”.  I loved it.  Each cone will burn for about 15 minutes and the scent will last 2-4 hours in the room.

Read more on Subscription Box Ramblings

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December 14, 2016

Complex: Blackbird Is Bringing Northwest Flavor to the East Coast With NYC Pop-Up Shop

The Northwest usually brings up images of axes, flannel shirts, and some serious outdoor gear. No fear! Blackbird has been changing that view ever since opening up its doors in Seattle with a stock that satisfies the crispy #menswear heads, time traveling heritage dudes, and the street goth acolytes. For a quick trip, the store is bringing its varied stock range with a pop-up shop located at NYC’s Rudy’s Barbershop. Stop by starting May 1 to July 2 and stock up on clothes, get your hairline shaped-up, and leave feeling so fresh and so clean.

Read more on Complex



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December 14, 2016

Complex: The Daily Front Row's "The Retailer Files" Featuring Nicole Miller of Blackbird

Blackbird's Owner, Nicole Miller was recently interviewed for The Daily Front Row's 5th installment of The Retailer Files. During the session, Miller talks about the start of Blackbird, the process of selecting merchandise, and the customers. Check some of the excerpts below.

How did you come up with the name?
My friend came up with it when we started the project. He walked into my office at Expedia and yelled ‘Blackbird!’ That was it. After months of torture, we found it. The biggest criteria was that if we became a furniture store the name would still work. We didn’t want anything cliché or of-the-moment. Branding is so important and when we came up with the name, the only criteria it didn’t meet was that it wasn’t easy to Google. You couldn’t just put in Blackbird and find us. You’ll get the Beatles. Now, that’s different--we rank pretty high.

What changes have you implemented during the economic crisis?
We opened the Blackbird Candy Shoppe and a women’s store to market to the other 50% of the population. The Candy Shoppe was moved to the Field House and we have an apothecary store called Blackbird Apothecary where we have our fragrance, candles, grooming, dishes, and ceramics.

Who’s the Blackbird client?
He's generally in some sort of creative job—architect, graphic designer, gallery owner, artist or students with really rich parents. Then there’s this other demographic. Our customers aren’t brand snobs. They mix genres and price points like a $250 t-shirt and $75 pair of jeans.

What’s trending in your store?
All the Japanese brands. These Japanese designers are such innovators. If you go into All Saints, they’re just copying the stuff that these guys have been making.

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December 14, 2016

Complex Picks: The 10 Coolest Items Available Now at Blackbird Ballard

This week, we hit up our favorite Seattle-based store and e-retailer Blackbird Ballard to check out new arrivals and the goods on sale. From a dapper scarf from Hill-Side, to a sleek hunting vest from Filson, we've found great stuff to get your hands on now.

Read more on Complex

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December 14, 2016

Not Without Salt: HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE - Blackbird Incense

24. Blackbird Hekkes Incense Over the last year I’ve become a big fan of incense. Filling the house with a soft perfume helps me relax. It’s often one of the first things I do when the kids head off the school – the time when I most need to relax. This one is a favorite. Not to overwhelming and lasts a long time.


read more on NotWithoutSalt

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December 02, 2016


Self Care

When I say self-care, I mean massages, home fragrances, spa treatments, anything that makes you feel more relaxed and comfortable after a stressful day/election

•Blackbird incense pyres in Blood Countess - This was a bougie-ass purchase but OOF is this incense sexy/powerful/makes your room feel like a smoky den of vice. you're encouraged to use the tin lid to burn the pyres on, so it's not messy either.



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December 02, 2016

Juice: A fragrance blog - RAVE BLACKBIRD INCENSE

Juice - Blackbird Incense



It's really no secret that I have an obsession with all things trendy & hipster. When Blackbird released their incense cones, I was immediately attracted to the branding…but I recoiled in horror thinking of all the gross head shop incense I'd burn in my room as a teen, and as an adult, I get physically ill each time I pass a vendor burning it on the streets of NYC. But alas! Blackbird has created an incense that I am head over heels for. I hoard this stuff. Literally.

The cute little tins were a huge selling point for me, but the product itself is fantastic. They have a huge array of scents and each cone releases a beautiful, eerie stream of smoke that burns for approximately 15 minutes. This isn't your typical hippie-esque incense. Blackbird pyres radiate a clean, gorgeous odor; the notes that they list for each scent are notes that you can legitimately decipher as it burns.

This really is not a review, more like an absolute rave. This is a company that I believe in wholeheartedly (proven by my mass collection of these bad boys). There are great people behind the brand, and they've created a stellar product (there fragrances rule too, but that's for another day!).

read more on Juice Fragrance Blog


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November 23, 2016

Thompson Hotels Seattle Influencers X Nicole M. Miller


Thompson Hotels Seattle Influencers X Nicole M. Miller

The Scent Sorcerer

“Comme des Garçons was the brand that sparked my obsession for perfumes,” says Nicole Miller, the owner, founder and creative director of Seattle’s award-winning fragrance and skincare design house Blackbird. “I’d spent 15 years smelling commercial perfumes but rarely finding anything that smelled exceptional or unique. Once I found niche perfumes, I wanted to smell everything—I was compelled to find raw ingredients and make scents myself.”

The mysterious and evocative scents Miller concocts for Blackbird are transporting as well as being visually bold while calming. Obviously, as soon as we heard she might be opening a store in Seattle in the upcoming months, we rushed to pick her brain first. Here, she reveals the delicate process of conjuring a new fragrance, her take on Seattle style, and where she loves to hang in her hometown.

How do you develop a fragrance? 

Broken Glass came from the idea that we needed to develop a “feminine” perfume since Blackbird is generally seen as a male brand due to its history in menswear and our gender neutral branding. Geranium and Jasmine first came to mind as contrasting yet complimentary notes and then we played with layers of candy like ingredients such as opoponax and vanilla mixed with spices like cardamom and pink pepper. When we ran it by our test group the girls all picked up on the spice and thought it was great for men, and the men all thought it smelled like the perfect girl standing next to them on the perfect day. It’s one of our best sellers now and people like it because it smells amazing on people.

Is there such a thing as Seattle style? If so, how does the Pacific Northwest influence your design aesthetic at Blackbird?

There absolutely is a Seattle style. Generation after generation you’ll see the theme of dark colors, layers, breathable water resistant fabrics such as wool and gore tex and hats instead of umbrellas, and where you really see it is in the shoes; there is no avoiding the rain and dirt so traction, protection and durability is important.

From all darkness comes light and Blackbird plays with the idea that melancholy can be funny and that perfection overrated. Seattle is a casual place where even high design must function. None of our designs are perfectly straight or exactly the same each time we make them, and I think all of our products sound like techno DJ names or MAGIC cards. We laugh a lot when designing.

What do you love most about Seattle?

My number one favorite thing about Seattle are the ferries. They bring a romance to the city that is unlike anywhere else I know. You can catch a ferry downtown and within a short time you are on an adventure that feels like you are in a foreign land. The float planes in Lake Union are the same idea. Jump on a plane and soon you’ll be in Vancouver Canada. Where else can you do that?

Which neighborhood do you live in?

I live in Fremont but Ballard is my hood.

Can you share three of your favorite spots?

Best burger in the city is Lil’ Woody’s where the burgers taste like one my dad would make when I was a kid and the fries taste like actual potatoes.

When we see movies we almost always go to Majestic Bay Theater because it’s small, family owned and you feel truly special being there.

Lastly I love Tray. It’s silly that everyone in Seattle is all crammed up on Capitol Hill waiting for tables when some of the best establishments are tucked away in really cute neighborhoods all over the city. The way they do food is that they come around with a tray and tell you what they have made. If you want to try it, you take it and if you’d rather pass you just pass. Inside feels like you are in Sweden or Iceland or a train car. Tray is special to me. Some of my most romantic dinners have been at this restaurant.

Are there any new products or items in your line that your most excited about now?

I am most excited about our new perfume Ophir. It’s a sultry sandalwood for men or women that is straight forward yet complex with hints of pistachio and saffron.

On the incense front, Sensor (frankincense and apricot) and Ploom (tobacco and gardenia) are outstanding new creations because of their unusual yet delicious scent profiles.

Read More on "Thompson Hotels: Upper Stories" 

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November 10, 2016

Blackbird Pipe Bomb - BEST: 14 Killer Colognes Every Man Should Own

14 Killer Colognes Every Man Should Own

"These warm and cozy colognes will keep you smelling good (and seasonally appropriate) this winter.

It's starting to get chilly out there, and it's time to update your cologne collection accordingly. Here are our top picks of essential winter fragrances that every man should own."

Featured alongside Odin New York Tanoke Formula Seven, Comme Des Garçons Wonderwood, Frederic Malle Musc Ravageur, Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille, Dyptique 34, Le Labo Bergamote 22 and more...

Blackbird Pipe Bomb from $58 : Another fragrance to make the cut whose scent somewhat defies description. Warm amber lays at the base, while middle and top notes carry a slightly sweet and subtle character to them. This is definitely one worth trying.


Read more on Best Products

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November 04, 2016


Featured in Gwyneth Paltrow's GOOP.COM The Seattle Guide in one of their favorite stores "Prism":

"Like so many Seattle mainstays, this little-bit-of-everything shop marches to the beat of its own drum. There’s clothing from obscure international labels, beautiful—and a little bit quirky—home goods, jewelry, gifts, and a generous assortment from Seattle-made fragrance line, Blackbird. It’s also the kind of shop where there’s plenty for dudes to rifle through (skater tees, hats, records, and Pendleton everything)."



Read more on Seattle Guide

Read more on Seattle Guide review of PRISM store

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November 04, 2016



Wow! Looks like our Tea No.1 The Moon was featured on Stylecaster's 50 Best Gifts Under $50 to Give This Year. 



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May 19, 2016


Blackbird Incense featured in the April 2016 issue of Marie Claire.

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Blackbird Pipe Bomb Intense Detonates in Acquire Mag
November 12, 2015

Blackbird Pipe Bomb Intense Detonates in Acquire Mag

Blackbird Pipe Bomb Intense recently had a shout out in Acquire magazine:

Blackbird's "explosive" new scent, Pipe Bomb Intense

The latest scent from the Seattle-based perfumer.
If you haven't picked up a bottle of Blackbird fragrance yet, its time to give them a try and their latest scent sounds like one of their most exciting yet. Pipe Bomb Intense features notes of saltwater, metal, smoke, amber, oud and is explained as a "scent of lightning as its spears pummel the earth, the scent of metal electrified and heating up, the scent of water as it sparks and start to bubble with energy, and the accord created as these forces vie for supremacy in the never-ending clash of the elements." If that doesn't make you want to try it out, we don't know what will.

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October 15, 2015


Blackbird's new Shave Oil was highlighted in this month's issue of GQ as a winner in their 2015 Grooming Awards.


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