Y06-S called "one of my favorite perfumes of the year" on Now Smell This

Kevin posted a rave review of Y06-S on Now Smell This, touting the perfume as one of his favorites of 2017.

By Kevin, Now Smell This
November 29, 2017

In the future there will be no bananas...This is not a novelty scent...This is not a gourmand perfume. So says Seattle-based Blackbird of its latest fragrance launch, Y06-S.

The moment I read Y06-S's list of ingredients (banana, "electronics," agarwood, jasmine and milk) my intuition pointed to instant "I will like this" and I was right. Y06-S is one of my favorite perfumes of the year and will be a part of my Summer 2018 perfume rotation.

Y06-S starts off with a strong and steady banana note: a "young" banana scent with a hint of greenness (my favored state for bananas; once a banana has a brown freckle, I shun it). As the banana hums, a beautiful indolic (skanky) jasmine note chimes in. Jasmine-lovers who grow a variety of jasmines will already know that "banana" is a facet of the jasmine scent profile.

Next up Y06-S presents a great "coconut milk" note, creamy but neither toosweet nor too foody. And the "electronics"? As the teensy bit of agarwood warms up, I detect a comfy smell that reminds me of over-heated metal appliances, but without going into full-scale nutso territory. Y06-S ends with sweet jasmine mixing with a hint of banana.

Y06-S could be worn — of course! — by men or women though it probably skews a bit feminine due to the floral dry-down. The perfume lasts all day on me and has close-to-the-body sillage. If you love jasmine and white florals, do give it a try.

Y06-S Eau de Parfum is available in 15 ml ($58) or 30 ml ($88). Check out Blackbird's website for a list of retailers in your area; you may also order directly from Blackbird.