Blackbird Pipe Bomb Intense Detonates in Acquire Mag

Blackbird Pipe Bomb Intense recently had a shout out in Acquire magazine:

Blackbird's "explosive" new scent, Pipe Bomb Intense

The latest scent from the Seattle-based perfumer.
If you haven't picked up a bottle of Blackbird fragrance yet, its time to give them a try and their latest scent sounds like one of their most exciting yet. Pipe Bomb Intense features notes of saltwater, metal, smoke, amber, oud and is explained as a "scent of lightning as its spears pummel the earth, the scent of metal electrified and heating up, the scent of water as it sparks and start to bubble with energy, and the accord created as these forces vie for supremacy in the never-ending clash of the elements." If that doesn't make you want to try it out, we don't know what will.