March 20, 2014


If you are in New York City between March 11th - May 24th you've got to check out the iBoutiques concept shop.
NEW YORK, NY 10002

iBoutiques is an innovative new company that's aimed to promote the best up-and-coming brands. At an iBoutiques pop-up, you use your smartphone to scan products, get more information, and place your order. Everything you purchase at iBoutiques or at home through the iBoutiques website is shipped to you, so no hauling bags around all day.

 The best part, we think, is that Blackbird incense, perfume, soaps, and shaving products are all now available to sample and experience, in a streamlined shopping experience in person! 

Stay tuned for exciting events and projects coming soon from Blackbird and iBoutiques. In the meantime, head down today to check out the beautiful displays and get to know the full Blackbird collection. We're talking to you, Manhattanites!

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March 07, 2014



A little backstory: Zuriick was one of our all-time favorite shoe brands we carried at Blackbird. We still get customers emailing asking where to find their impeccably designed, unique silhouettes.



Zuriick opened their flagship shop not too long ago in their base of Salt Lake City, and its absolutely gorgeous. And they carry almost all of our Blackbird products.

But that's not really news. Here's the news:



Barber Kit Stiefel, a fully functioning old school barber, just opened inside of Zuriick. So now in addition to being the top shopping destination in Salt Lake City, Zuriick will now also cut your hair and make sure you're looking completely sharp for whatever the day or night holds.

If you find yourself in Salt Lake, find your way into Zuriick and see the good barber. Get yourself a hot lather shave. You deserve it.



PS: Barber Kit Stiefel has Blackbird too.



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