Pipe Bomb


SCENT NOTES: saltwater, amber, metal

At first, all you can smell is a faint spark, something sharp and bright leading down the fuse to a fragrant explosion. This perfume starts quiet and takes about twenty minutes for the fuse to burn before the scent comes alive. Like an underwater firecracker bundled with incense, light saltwater notes meld with hot metal to create an inviting, warm glove that shapes differently to fit each wearer's hand. 


If your new bottle of Pipe Bomb smells like alcohol, it's fine. Here is why...

ANOSMIC: Pipe Bomb contains so few molecules that the nose may become anosmic to the scent. What is anosmic, you ask? The ability to smell the things around us varies from person to person. Mucous membranes, head traumas, the common cold, and/or simple genetics complicate things further.

With Pipe Bomb, if you can't smell the fragrance on your skin, wait up to 20 minutes as it will grow over time. Then if you still can't smell it, trust that your friends can. Over time you may become anosmic to the scent, so you might consider taking a break or seek something stronger; this was one of the key reasons we created Pipe Bomb Intense. 

AGING: Your bottle of Pipe Bomb will grow stronger over time, infinitely. Keep this in mind when transitioning from an older bottle to a newer bottle (Anosmia may occur). Store testers and samples will always smell stronger than your new bottle. To help prevent issues, we age all bottles of Pipe Bomb for at least four months before bottling.

For more information about Pipe Bomb vs. Pipe Bomb Intense, click here.

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Paul C.
United States United States

Always the best

I've been wearing Pipe Bomb for the past 12 years... I don't smell it anymore, but everyone else does. It's reason enough for me to keep it as my signature!

Jami M.
United States United States

Best scent ever

I was at work when a rep walked by and left a light scent trail of goodness behind him. I asked what he was wearing and he told me it was Pipe Bomb by Blackbird. I had to try it. And I have a really hard time finding a scent that smells as good on me as it does in the bottle. Pipe Bomb smells amazing! I have had people compliment me in stores and at work. The scent is difficult to describe-it is fresh and clean, but also very unique. It is not overpowering either. Highly reccomended!

Jaime W.
United States United States


This scent is absolutely divine. However, it doesn't last at all. I spray myself several times and by the time I'm out the door in 5 minutes, the scent is gone. I know they say the bottle needs to "age" or that maybe just the user doesn't smell it. I've done several "smell tests" with my husband and family and nobody smells it. Very disappointing as this is not an inexpensive perfume. If you are happy smelling it as you spray it and really never smelling it again, then that is likely what you will get. I emailed blackbird and was told that I could not return or exchange for the intense and that maybe it just needs to "age" more. Why would I spend over $100 for a scent that I need to put away and "age" so that it smells. That's ridiculous. I ordered several samples of the pipebomb intense and don't believe there is a noticeable difference either. Hopefully this will improve but in the meantime, I guess i stick it in my drawer and wait. Bummer.

Pam S.
United States United States


Don’t tell anyone. VERY special scent. It has become my identity. I actually tell people when they ask, because I want Blackbird to have the revenue, however, I am hoping they forget.

Jaime W.
United States United States

Better order the strong version

Expensive parfum so i was bummed that it fades so quickly. I should have ordered the intense. I spray it on and can barely smell it. Kind of expensive for that result :(