SCENT NOTES: rare blue things, frankincense, patchouli, saltwater, sweat, metal, milk

PIPE BOMB BLUE - NEW NEW NEW It's that bright fizzy blue elixir with the power to make eyes sparkle-sparkle-sparkle and transform sadness into revolutionary energy. With only a few years remaining to change our ways, this pep-juice will unite the masses, clean the beaches, take on the establishment, save the blue planet and turn your tongue blue. 

This is not an "aqua" or "Bleu de..." style perfume. SMELLS LIKE: sparkling milky blue violet-berry soda over frankincense and patchouli with the original Pipe Bomb's infamous saltwater, sweaty metallic blast. Clean, fresh, bright, and optimistic. Possibly more "femme" than PIPE BOMB PINK and can be worn by her, him, and them. 

PERFUMER: Henry Aesoph

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Michael K.
United States United States
Great addition to the Pipe Bomb line

Did not enjoy it as much as Pipe Bomb Pink and Pipe Bomb Intense Pink, but Pipe Bomb Blue is nonetheless a lovely addition to the line. Somewhat sweeter, murkier, and more femme than Pipe Bomb, the scent lingers in that familiar way and really stands out from the crowd.

Monica T.
United States United States

Sweet, sharp, a little boozey like summer blooms, a little musky like damp moss. This scent is now my everything. It changes through the day, it changes from my hair to my skin to my clothes. Where was I before this.

Inger S.
United States United States
The warmth lingers on my skin 24 hours later

I fell in love with blue the 3rd time I applied the scent. Interestingly it goes on blue but a day later the scent is a warm salty skin patchouli that I can’t stop smelling. I totally understand why it’s blue at first, like a body of water but give it time and it warms into something so amazing. Blackbird is GENIUS. I LOVE THIS.

Sandra C.
United States United States

Pipe Bomb Blue is very unusual and quite fascinating. I mostly get aquatic plants such as water lilies, with an underlying metallic tinge. There is a note in the opening I recognize, but can't put a name to. I have been wearing this frequently, it is quite addictive. This is a perfume that will lift your spirits when you wear it. Beautiful.

Scott G.
United States United States

I love all the pipe bombs but I think this is my favorite