Perfume Discovery Set


Our most deluxe perfume set. You will receive 2 mL of each of 10 BLACKBIRD perfumes + perfume blotter strips.

This set allows you to try all scents on paper and skin many times before making the big decision.

  • Anemone
  • Hallow
  • Mizuchi
  • Moto Oud
  • Ophir
  • Pipe Bomb
  • Pipe Bomb Intense
  • Pipe Bomb Pink
  • Targa 
  • Universal Supreme

If you are looking for a smaller volume set, check out our BLACKBIRD PERFUME SAMPLE MIX or purchase individual samples here.

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Aaron G.
Mexico Mexico

Olfactory fun

Definitely an adventure. These perfumes tell stories, conjure memories I'm not sure I ever really lived. I was only disappointed that I didn't find a new favorite. Ophir is still my one and only. I only regret that to my order I did not add the samples of the scents not included in this set.

Tammy B.
Canada Canada

WOW!!! Adventures

I bought two of these brilliant sets so my son and I didn’t have to share!! We had SO much fun trying them on the test papers together, Guessing what we smelled, looking up what they were, and discovering our new choices for future purchases!! We had a lot of fun exploring and were so pleased when we guessed scents we knew. A fantastic sample size to tuck into your purse or pocket. We LOVE them!!!

Marije H.
Netherlands Netherlands

Plenty of testing!

With this set you'll be sure you're able to test the BLACKBIRD core line properly. Nice little printed bottles, plenty of strips as well. This pack will last you quite a while I think. Universal Supreme, Pipe Bomb Pink and Broken Glass are my favourites so far. I'm really happy with this bunch of odd scents. I think I'll try Pipe Bomb Blue and Hallow as well, in the nearby future, too.

Vincent B.
United States United States

Great product.

A few are quite feminine. So I don't plan on using them. But I guess that's why you try out the discovery set. Still $75 I think is a bit high for samples. The ones I do like, however, I plan on getting full bottles of. Some of the best scents available.



This is the big 2 ml volume set. We also offer a smaller volume set of 1mL vials and you have the choice to purchase individual vials if you are looking for something in particular.

Annie S.
United States United States

Change in formulation?

Hello Blackbird, Pipebomb is my chosen scent. I've bought a total of three bottles of the regualr Pipebomb over a span of time. I just bought my third bottle a couple of weeks ago and immediately noticed a difference. The scent is lighter and only lasts a very short amount of time. Have you changed the Pipebomb formula? Signed, Concerned



Pipe Bomb chemically grow over it's lifespan in the bottle. Your new bottle of Pipe Bomb will never smell like the last. Seasonal temperatures and the other fragranced products you use will also get in the say of smelling this perfume yourself. This is a molecule perfume and contains only one ingredient other than alcohol. Nothing has changed but it could be the age of the bottle or your surroundings. I hope this helps.