SET CONTAINS - Fourteen 1 mL BLACKBIRD perfume samples (in 2 mL glass spray vials) + perfume blotter strips.

  1. Anemone
  2. Broken Glass
  3. Death
  4. Hallow
  5. Moto Oud
  6. Ophir
  7. Pipe Bomb
  8. Pipe Bomb Blue
  9. Pipe Bomb Intense
  10. Pipe Bomb Pink
  11. Targa
  12. Triton
  13. Universal Supreme
  14. Y06-S

    For those looking for a petite sample mix, you may order scents 1-7 or 8-14.

    We also offer themed sets of four samples as follows:

    • The Pipe Bombs (all four Pipe Bombs)
    • Lil' Smokies (Death, Moto Oud, Pipe Bomb Intense, Targa)
    • Lil' Sweeties (Anemone, Hallow, Ophir, Y06-S)
    • Lil' Fruities (Universal Supreme, Y06-S, Pipe Bomb Blue, Anemone)
    • Lil' Woodies (Ophir, Targa, Mizuchi, Moto Oud)

    Create your custom mix by clicking here.
    For larger 2ml samples, try our Perfume Discovery Set (best deal).

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    Kyle F.
    United States United States

    Deliciously Unique

    A selection of scents unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. There are so many that I’m in love with, I don’t quite know what I like best!

    Avram L.
    United States United States

    Ophir - New Fave

    Been wearing Pipe Bomb Intense for a long time. Really glad I tried Ophir because it's my new favorite and have been getting a lot of compliments on it! Pipe Bomb and Ophir mix really well together too. Pipe Bomb Blue and Universal Supreme are great options to have as well too.

    Catherine T.
    United States United States

    Huge Pipe Bomb Fan- Not Much Else

    I purchased this sample set because of my strong love for the original Pipe Bomb. I wanted to try the intense, blue, and pink versions, and the rest of the perfumes in the sample kit sounded very interesting. Unfortunately, I don’t care for many scents besides the intense and pink versions of Pipe Bomb. The blue version does smell noticeably “blue” but has a syrupy tone to it that makes it feel a bit cloying. Universal Supreme dries down to a very citrusy frankincense on me. The cherry is incredibly strong upon first application, and it does dry down to a “sweet heat” after some time. Eventually, though, I felt like I smelled like Flinstone vitamins. Mizuchi was an interesting scent, but it ultimately reads like an Expo marker. Targa is WOODS. If you want to smell like wood and only wood for several hours, it’s great. Was completely overwhelming for me. Triton is a clean scent, but it leaves a bit of funeral home behind instead of what I hoped to be barber shop astringent. None of the scents are bad, per se. They are incredibly interesting and original, but they lack the full-bodied, complete story the original Pipe Bomb has (and that I love). Wonderful artistry, just not for me.

    Lucia B.
    United States United States

    Wonderful scents!

    I thought I purchased the Sample Mix so I could try out all the scents to help me decide my fave to buy ... that didn't work out as planned. So far I've tried about five of the samples and love them all. I may just have to continue with the sample mix for all time ... and, I am delighted how lovely each one is!

    Jeffery D.
    United States United States


    Brings out the day I want it to be