Broken Glass Eau de Parfum


Bright light passes through broken glass, flashing alternating shades of pink and green radiance. 

SCENT NOTES: jasmine, geranium, rose, opopanax, amyris, angelica root, violet leaf, chamomile, davana, bitter almond, cardamom, pink pepper

Broken Glass speaks to stereotypes of what is acceptable behavior for women. Sometimes the only solution is to break a world to build a new one.

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    Beautiful scent

    Broken Glass eau de parfum has been my favorite for many, many years. I’ve received many compliments on it too. There’s another review that I feel sums up how amazing this fragrance is. See JC’s review on 1.26.2019, beginning with “It opens with the smell...”. Thank you, Blackbird!



    Scent notes of jasmine, geranium and rose are some of my favorites for warmer months. However, this fragrance is unlike any other I've applied -- the initial scent is indescribable and 2-4 hrs later, it's something totally different but very unique. You need to apply. then WAIT for the final scent. I first applied at the end of the day when my skin was dry (usually apply to damp/wet skin) and the scent was overpowering to the point that I wanted to shower. Glad I didn't because when I awoke, it was something totally new. Everyone should try to see if it's compatible.

    irma r.
    United States


    I didn’t care at all for this scent. It made my room smell like burned plastic or wires. I couldn’t remove the stench fast enough with fans or ceiling fan. Disgusting.

    JC C.

    Surprisingly delightful

    I accidentally bought this during the seconds sale (thought I was buying incense). At first, I was really unsure of this scent but now I absolutely love it. It opens with the smell of Campari and vanilla then turns into geranium. It’s a smell that is both floral and woody, almost weedy. It settles into a calmer, powdery floral, but it’s not sweet or cloying. I’m not sure there’s a strong silage, but there is longevity and shapeshifting the whole day, which is why I enjoy it so much. It’s particularly pleasing if you seek novelty in your scent. It literally changes the whole day.

    Jacques R.

    I kinda like Broken Glass. I kinda dislike Y06-S

    I find Broken Glass very deep with that flowery/woody heart note. And the head note is powerful. I am not so sure about Y06-S, the banana smell is quite original, I guess, but I am not sure if I like the persistence of the fruit smell. For the incense, I almost burned an entire canister of Malus, so love it. But I have not burned yet the other scents, maybe Muru and/or Izba in a past sample collection, but I can't remember. What I remember though is how beautiful the scent of Free People was. That would be great to have that scent available again.