Death - Cold Cave X Blackbird


SCENT NOTES:  leather, sage, marble dust, oud, a cold cave

After the success of the COLD CAVE x BLACKBIRD incense collaborations, we grew obsessed with the idea of turning the DEATH incense into a black perfume. We are happy to announce that DEATH is here. Inspired by Wesley Eisold's vision, we created an original and evocative scent that is both romantic and emblematic of all things Death.

Black is the night is the death of the day. Leather is the skin we are imprisoned in. Marble is the stone in which we immortalize our souls. Sage is the ritual in which we cleanse, heal and begin again.

WARNING: This fragrance contains black dye and will stain clothing. Please wear all black to avoid this and most problems.

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Brianna C.
United States United States
Never been so in love with a scent

It smells very heavy of sage, but is cold and definitely cavey. I ordered the sample and have been impatiently waiting for my big bottle to show up It is my now go to scent, but I can definitely understand it may not be for everyone.

United States United States
Cold and Sage

This is a sage-heavy punch, initially. I am such a big fan of the incense Lone, and I thought it was going to be mossy like that (I was basing this assumption on absolutely nothing). It's not. I love the wet mineral notes. Will certainly be buying again.

Luis G.
United States United States
Amazing, iconic - my signature scent

There are no words to describe my love for this scent. It smells like heaven on earth, but in a cave. I can’t tell you what notes I’m picking up on but it’s just so good. Great projection and longevity. Side note: I will say that I haven’t experienced any staining.

Janet G.
United States United States
Transformation, reincarnation, a clean slate

As others have mentioned, there is the industrial undertone that keeps me coming back, this time intertwined with a bit of witchcraft and knowledge of things beyond heaven and earth. Tinges of smoke and hygge. A clean slate to work from.

Christopher B.
United States United States
Truly unique scent

One of my favorite scents I’ve encountered. Incorporating more black clothing into my wardrobe so I can wear this more often.