Anemone Eau de Parfum


A fantasy undersea garden where animals look like flowers and flowers smell like fruit.

SCENT NOTES: plum, pink lotus, champagne, honey, tobacco, amber, styrax, labdanum

IMAGINE: Soft pink undersea flowers anchored to ancient boulders. Anemone marries brightness with depth and playfulness with sophistication. Anemone opens with the sweetest juice of overripe plums and grapes bleeding over the divine nectar of sacred pink lotus flowers. Quickly precipitation falls on this scent forcing fruits to ferment into champagne and salty oceanic ambergris cures the lotus into a bright pink floral, all while symbiotic brisk tobacco and honey sting the senses to keep us alert. As the winds pick up and petals drift away resins of styrax and labdanum hold the fruits in place for the remainder of the storm.

 Q: How do I burn an incense pyre?          

A: First find a heatproof, non-flammable container such as a seashell, clay bowl, a rock or a device designed to burn incense cones. Place the cone in or on the container and light the tip of the cone with a lighter or match. Allow cone to burn for 10 to 15 seconds until a red ember is visible and then blow out. Your cone should smoke and continue to burn on its own. If it does not stay lit, try again.

 Q: How long will a cone of incense scent my room?         

A: Many hours depending upon your room size, ventilation such as AC or drafts. For larger rooms, burn two or three cones at once.

 Q: My incense cone didn't burn to the end. What do I do?              

A: First off, some mysteries of science and chemistry are never to be solved. Beyond that here are some helpful hints and tips. #1 Fire requires air. Try placing your cones on sand, salt or dry non-flammable soil to increase circulation. Also, try blowing on the cone a bit in the beginning to build up a larger ember #2 Made sure your cones didn't get wet or think about if the air is very humid. Water prevents fire. #3 Relight the cone. You can do this by holding the cone with tweezers for safety while you are lighting. #4 Break off the tip of a new cone. Sometimes the cone needs a larger ember to get started in life and to stay burning. #6 Don't let the flame run too long or too short before blowing out the cone. #7 Email for help.

 Q: Which of your scents are for men and which are for women?        

A: We believe that scent is a personal expression of your individuality and it's truly up to the individual to select scents that are right for them based on their skin type and personal preference. This is one of the main reasons that we offer all of our scents in sample sizes for purchase.

Q: Why can't I smell my Pipe Bomb Perfume?         

A: Pipe Bomb contains so few molecules that the nose may become anosmic to the scent. Read more about it here.

Q: My bottle of Pipe Bomb has white crystals around the sprayer. Is it defective?       

A: Pipe Bomb is what is called a "molecule perfume". One of the molecules it contains starts out in the crystal form before being diluted with alcohol. When the alcohol dries down the crystals go back to their solid state. You can wipe down the crystals with a cotton ball soaked in alcohol.

 Q: Where can I smell your incense and perfume in person?      

A: You can either purchase an incense sampler pack or the Eau de Parfum sampler mix. Or you can check our retailer page for a local vendor near you.

Q: How can I sell Blackbird products in my store? 

A: Contact for inquiry. 

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Jasmin U.
United States United States
Best discovery of 2020

I had watched a video on most complimented scents and out of all this 1 stood out to me so I made a blind buy as I am a collector and not afraid to blind buy and oh man did I strike gold with this 1 . I don’t love it I’m in love with it and smells so good on my skin . This should be a mandatory buy on everyone’s list you won’t be disappointed I promise

Jason G.
United States United States
A new signature

Ever since I received a sample of this in my Birchbox subscription I’ve known I’d be adding this fragrance to the top shelf of my collection. It reminds me of trips with my husband to California and transports me to a certain place every time I wear it. It’s subtly spicy, clean and soothin. The fragrance lasts all day with each layer of the fragrance notes work with my biology to elevates my confidence and mood. Thank you for a quality and evocative fragrance! I will wear it with pride and treasure the memories it evokes and make with my continued use.

Kenneth B.
United States United States
Only Smiles

When you purchase a scent for a woman, you're exposing yourself while embracing her expressiveness. There's risk involved; but it's worth it if you have done your homework. Anemone Eau de Parfum is a scent with unlimited potential, and it showcases the independence and individual power of the recipient. Have fun... you're not likely to be rejected with this sophisticated and pleasant addition to your friend's perfumes.

Sandra C.
United States United States
Anemone is an experience

On me Anemone opens with an invigorating astringent almost medicinal lavender (except there is no lavender listed in the notes so something else is doing it). The perfume is saying "Wake up! I'm here!". It is brief, then morphs into a wreath of mixed florals. I can best describe it with a word-picture. Imagine a ballet where the chorus is dancing together in a circle. A dancer steps out of line to do a few solo steps, then returns to the circle. The next dancer steps out, and so on down the line, but eventually coming back to the first dancer. Repeat. Those are the florals in anemone. I am thinking, is that violet, before its temporary turn is already done, and then I think, wait no that is rose, no wait it is ..... [there isn't any violet or rose listed either, but I get whiffs that smell like that].

Jessica K.
United States United States
I can’t review a product I never received

Will someone gets back to me on my order. Please refund me or send the item. It’s been weeks.