Broken Glass featured in Fragrantica's 2015 Best Of List

Broken Glass featured in Fragrantica's 2015 Best Of List

January 02, 2018

Sometimes we get so busy that we miss things, like this sweet little shout out in Fragrantica's 2015 Best Of list. A heartfelt thanks to our friend Jodi for including Broken Glass. For more recent news, you can read her review of Y06-S.

FRAGRANTICA Editors' Favorites of 2015

FRAGRANTICA Editors' Favorites of 2015

by: Elena Knezhevich

This year we would like to list the personal perfume favorites of 2015 of our Fragrantica editors. We all have different fields of expertise and interests, we live in different countries and participate in different perfume events. But we love what we do and gladly share our personal unbiased opinion of what we think is best among the numerous perfume launches.

Bvlgari Aqva Divina - Oh how I fell in love with this salty magnolia! If only Bvlgari would launch an extreme or parfum extrait version! I'd love Divina to be even longer-lasting and richer! perfume Aqva Divina
Givenchy Pi Extreme - Givenchy took everything I love about Pi and made it just slightly darker, richer and with a focus on leather. Not radically different but definitely on my wishlist for Santa!

perfume Pi Extreme

M. Micallef Akowa - This is the first Micallef fragrance that I absolutely fell in love with; Nejman and Astier's blend of orange blossom and cocoa recalls the sadly discontinued Rochas Man but with greater depth and complexity. Stunning!

perfume Akowa

Dr. Marlen Elliot Harrison

Fragrantica Writer & Editor
Executive Editor

Dr. Marlen Elliot Harrison’s journalism in the fragrance industry... more


Serguey Borisov

Fragrantica Writer

Serguey Borisov writes about perfumes for and, and contributes on the subject for glossy magazines... more


perfume L’Extase My highly subjective choice was based upon my temporal bias to gourmands and soft sentimental perfumes. I love L`Extase Nina Ricci, which is made of sweet benjoin under the sultriest rose.

perfume White

White Puredistance is the very first perfume my beloved daughter Anna chose by her smile from the hoardes of my bottles and samples. And yes, it is a delicious perfume with a weightless touch of musk. I trust my baby.

perfume No 9

Eutopie No9 is another example of comfort scents I found very appealing this year. It's a freshreshing and sweet  prepossessing fougere.


Mon Exclusif Guerlain - In the wave of gourmand and very sweet fragrances associated with food that promise us happiness, I choose this one for its perfect balance of butter, almonds, iris and lavender. perfume Mon Exclusif
I really adore Italy, so XJ 1861 Naxos Xerjoff is love from the first smell. It's like a fragrant call to pack my bags and travel to Sicily. Lavender, tobacco, honey and citruses are perfectly blended.

perfume XJ 1861 Naxos

Arabesque belongs to luxurious The Merchant of Venice collection with an amazing plum note blended with a balsamic and very warm mix of tobacco, cinnamon and tonka beans. This fragrance is so intensive, delicately sweet and dark, suitable for winter and long walks in the snow.

perfume Arabesque

Sandra Raicević Petrović

Fragrantica Writer & Editor
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Eugeniya Chudakova

 Fragrantica Writer,
Executive Editor

Eugeniya joined Fragrantica team in 2013 to work on perfume news and reports from perfume events. more

perfume Romanza The best fragrance of the year as I point out  to everyone - Romanza Victorian Narcissus by Masque Fragranze. It's an amazing civet-floral with the rich and multifaceted scent of a natural narcissus absolute and a great animalic accord.

perfume Iris Cendre

Iris Cendre by Naomi Goodsir - a truly beautiful, elegant smoky iris.

perfume I miss Violet

I can put equally three scents here: the gorgeous floral-animalic Fleurs et Flammes by Antonio Alessandria with divine lily accord, the green-suede of I Miss Violet by The Different Company and Odor 93 by Meo Fuschiuni.


Tiziana Terenzi Ursa: the unlikely marriage of a very dirty oud with the smell of sea water is what makes this perfume so rich and unusual. The complexity and originality of Ursa doesn't stop it from being extremely comfortable and warm without too many concepts or intellectual effort. perfume Ursa
Homoelegans Quality of Flesh: Extremely bold and agressively animalic. The smell of sex and body heat. And then a pineapple top note to freshen it up. This is absolutely not safe to wear. Too bold for the office, too dangerous for a night out, but in the end, that depends on your intentions.

Homoelegans Quality Of Flesh

Antonio Alessandria Fleurs et Flammes: this is another proof that perfumery is contemporary art. The evocation of a place and a time, the depiction of life and death, the epic explosion of flowers, minerals and spices. Antonio created an effervescent floral with a vintage soul within a contemporary language.

perfume Fleurs et Flammes

Miguel Matos

Fragrantica Writer,
Executive Editor

Miguel likes to see himself as a fragrance curator, investigating the possibilities of perfume as contemporary art... more


Jodi Battershell

Fragrantica Writer & Editor

An appreciator of fine fragrances since childhood, she tried her hand at natural perfumery and fragrance-mixing for a number of years more

perfume Dark Horse Dame Perfumery Scottsdale Dark Horse: this one has become my new go-to fragrance--for work, for day or night, for whenever I need to smell great and don't have a lot of time to think about it.

perfume Incense Flash

Tauerville Incense Flash: my favorite of the Tauerville scents. Dry as a bone, smoky, slightly bitter, it pulls several ingredients I like from other Tauer Perfume creations.

perfume Broken Glass

Blackbird Broken Glass: this one has been doing a slow burn into my consciousness since I first sniffed it in July. It's such a postmodern take on a floral fragrance.


Narciso eau de toilette by Narciso Rodriguez: elusive god's nectar made into porta-liquid. The ripeness of gardenia blossoms floating in outer space running circles around the moon. perfume Narciso Eau de Toilette
Pichola Neela Vermeire Creations. The vision of a verdant lake emerges beneath the canopy of a land immersed in spice. Green floral touches mingle with the saturated colors of cardamom and cumin. Of gold and shocking pink. Of mysticism and pure pleasure. Of a suspended moment in time.

perfume Pichola

Misia Chanel Les Exclusifs.
The performance is about to begin. Lipstick and powder smells floating behind the curtain. Violets and rose. Last minute corrections. The show must go on.

perfume Les Exclusifs de Chanel Misia

Elena Vosnaki

Fragrantica Writer & Editor

Elena Vosnaki is a historian and perfume writer from Greece. She is the founder and editor of Perfume Shrine... more


Ida Meister

Fragrantica Writer

Ida Meister has been an avid collector and sniffeuse for over 40 years. She adores consulting and collaborating with niche... more


perfume Sogno Reale Mendittorosa Sogno Reale:
Exquisitely animalic, briny as Venus arising glistening from the sea, gentle as a baby's breath and beyond beautiful, Sogno Reale is creature comfort par excellence married to sophistication.

perfume Soliflore Gardenia

Dame Perfumery Scottsdale Gardenia Soliflore: Other gardenias are pale and wan, fanee in her wake. A $35.00 miracle, she walks in beauty - and a more worthy heir to Tom Ford's discontinued Velvet Gardenia...

perfume The Voices of Trees

DSH The Voices of Trees:
Dawn captures the essence of what it is to be sylvan, photorealistically. The sense of well-being it engenders is awe-inspiring and very authentic.
No fragrance has ever sung to me as this does.


Sensual & Decadent by Laurent Mazzone - flowing raspberry jam, hot caramel and incense. Laurent is one of the few art directors whose experiments with sensuality aren't causing my ironic smile. perfume Sensual & Decadent
Shermine by Huitieme Art. Actually, it has everything that makes me love Pierre Guillaume's signature: a fine play with gourmands, feeling the texture of the fragrance and its lazy iridescence. Pure love!

perfume Shermine

Love at first sigh, transparent rhubarb, figs and a bit of smoky, biting cypress branches - all of it is in Idyllwild by Ineke. An incredibly bright and beautiful fragrance.

perfume Idyllwild

Juliett Ptoyan

Fragrantica Writer & Editor

Juliett Ptoyan is a perfume journalist who collaborates with several glossy magazines... more


Bella van der Weerd

Fragrantica Editor

Bella van der Weerd studied Communications at the University of Groningen, the Netherlands... more

perfume L’Extase Nina and I have a long history and now look at L`Extase: made of two kinds of accords; the first one with white petals, rose and pink pepper, the other more sensual and warm with Siamese benzoin, Virginian cedar, musk and amber. And then the gorgeous bottle.

perfume Mod Noir

Mod Noir Marc Jacobs: another stunning bottle and as for the notes: dewy greens with citrusy nuances, fresh gardenia petals, magnolia, water lily and tuberose, a creamy musk base, with an unusual combination of orange blossom and nectarine that leave a delicate floral-fruity trail.....I'm picturing paradise!

perfume Paris Premieres Roses 2015

Paris Premieres Roses 2015 Yves Saint Laurent: the 2015 Premieres Roses edition seems to be perfectly adjusted to my more fresh and flowery preference these days, with still a trail of the typically Paris rose to feed my nostalgia for this perfume.


Byredo Rose of No Man's Land: A truly surprisingly bright and yet also sombre rose that sparkles in an usual setting of amber and pink pepper. It also manages to be narrative, blending a unexpected tribute to bravery during the first World War into a lovely scent-tale. perfume Rose Of No Man`s Land
Miu Miu: I was so delighted by this spicy little jasmine that it felt very niche despite its broad release. It's not often we see a jasmine-prominent perfume marketed to younger women, and I applaud this step to bring a mature scent to younger sensibilities.

perfume Miu Miu

Nomaterra New Orleans Datura: One of the richest, deepest and most velvety of flower-inspired perfumes I've smelled all year. It's a tribute to the trumpet flowering vine, it's blended with nuts, spices, cognac and olibanum to make a deep impression on the skin.

perfume New Orleans Datura

John Biebel

Fragrantica Writer

John Biebel is a painter, musician, writer and software designer currently living and working in Boston, MA...  more


Elena Knezevic

Fragrantica Editor-in-Chief

Elena Knezevic founded Fragrantica together with Zoran Knezevic in 2007.. more
perfume Iris Cendre Iris Cendre Naomi Goodsir: A smoky, earthy, leathery, elegiac and intellectual iris. Not even a trace of smile here. It is not a perfume, but a personality to try on.

perfume Idyllwild

Idyllwild Ineke: This green woody perfume is multidimensional and very uplifting. A good opposition to Iris Cendre. I appreciate its complexity. This is a perfume of a landscape seen from a helicopter.

perfume Romanza

Romanza Masque: I love the natural aroma of narcissus. A love/hate and so complex raw material. Romanza is one of the closest to it. Its perfumer played with strong animalic nuances with a breathtaking grace...