November 05, 2013

We interviewed Aimee and Joel, owners at Prism AND Cairo, two of the best stores in Seattle. Prism is the one that carries Blackbird currently, which we're happy about because they're just down the street from the old Blackbird location and they do a fantastic job repping Blackbird. Cairo, which doesn't get talked much about in their interview, is also a must-visit locale not only for shopping purposes, but also because they are constantly putting on some of the Badddest (note capital B, three d's) shows for up-and-coming artists around. These guys are an asset to the community!!

How did the Prism come about and when?  
Each of our stores has been an extension and growth on previous shops/ideas. Prism was born directly out of a desire to streamline a shoppers experience by offering a highly curated store, without boundaries. Even in the year we've been open we continue to expand the concept and product scope of the shop, that's something that's very important to us (to not get pigeonholed as this or that).  

What's the neighborhood like?  
Ballard?  It's amazing... it's a small town inside of a big city. We didn't consider any other neighborhood in Seattle for Prism, we felt like the mix of historic & young professional work force would appreciate our vibe... so far, so good!

What types of things do you sell at Prism?
Things you buy as presents for other people, then keep for yourself.

What makes your store special or unique?
It's been an organic process.  As shop owners and artists ourselves we don't hinder our ambitions, or concepts of what "retail", or "boutiques" should look/feel like...  Therefore I think people find themselves inspired when shopping with us.  We are excited about this stuff, we want you to be too.

Do you have a favorite scent (anything goes from perfume to apples)?
Woodsy / Earthy / Smoke / Campfire / Tobacco / Musky / Vetiver 

What type of music do you play at Prism?
That depends on who is working. Usually something pleasant / soothing / makes you feel like the world you live in is magical /  exciting / beautiful / thrilling.

Are pets welcome in your store?

Blackbird Products Stocked: Incense, Perfume, Scarves, Aftershave, Shaving Oil, Black Licorice Hand Soap, Beard Oil

And they throw a good party.