November 01, 2013

This month we saw a lot of love for the Blackbird Incense, which makes sense since we're moving into the ultimate time of year for incense burning. Take a look at the latest Blackbird gossip. 

We met The Goodsmellas back at Elements and we've been buddies ever since. They put together this recently surfaced interview with one of our Blackbird product masters, Liz, who does an awesome job explaining what we do. We also talked a little bit about Seattle-based perfume line Olympic Orchids. Thanks to Carlos and all of the Goodsmellas!

Ape to Gentleman, one of the clear leaders in the men's grooming blogosphere, gave an excellent write-up for our Blackbird Incense. They remembered that we were not the first to create incense ("incense has been burned since the new stone age, in c.10,000 BC"), but remarked that we are "leading the evolution." For the record, only Ex-Blackbird employees have ended up on the Darwin awards.

Lottie and Doof, based in Chicago, burned Blood Countess on Halloween. Honestly it doesn't smell as scary as it sounds.

The Grooming Guru is on the same page as us, sharing our penchant for fire and burning things. The incense is especially perfect for lending a fitting fragrance to your sterile marble citadel, but as a bonus design feature pointed out by Lee, will also effectively cover up for your smelly cat.

Remodelista featured our May 18th Soap as part of their 10 Favorites: The Best of Black Soap. No, it won't stain your bath tub.

Cool Material pretty much nailed it on guys and soap. I've known several that shampoo with Ivory (bar soap). As they point out, you can now forego the trip to Duane Reade / Walgreens and take care of your soap requirement with the click of a button thanks to our May 18th Soap. Plus, the May 18th Soap smells and feels spectacular.

Welcome to Movember! spotted our Beard Oil and now's the time for it guys. Say goodbye to itchy beard face.

Baxtton in France covered our Black Licorice Hand Soap and even captured a little bit of our history in the process. Pictured in their post is our old bottle, but the graphic and idea is the same.