September 27, 2013

To help illustrate how each of our partners is uniquely good at what they do, we've been talking with them to get their own take on their shops. We hope that if you find yourself in one of our cities, you'll seek out these stores to say hello and get to know their different styles and personalities. 

This time we interviewed Jerry Morris, owner at Asher Goods, a men's clothing and lifestyle boutique located in Kirkland, WA, just a stone's throw away from Seattle. These guys are carrying the menswear torch for the area right now.

How did Asher Goods come about and when?
My brother in law Matt and I knew we wanted to work together and it was just a matter of finding something we both wanted to do.  Once the concept of mixing our Eastern Washington background with the Seattle crowd we knew we found something we both really liked. 

How big is your store?
Right now we are a small corner shop, but next month we are moving into a larger and more centrally located space with large garage doors and giant ceilings.  

What's the neighborhood like?
Kirkland has been fantastic.  Everyone is very friendly, likes having a good time and being on the water we see lots of out of town visitors.  Kirkland has been great at getting a lot more festivals and events up and running so the future looks really promising as well. 

What types of things do you sell at Asher?
We definitely have a large amount of American Made products.  We are trying to continually grow that every year as well.  We also have a good amount of heritage brands that have great history and have been making what they make for over a hundred years.  Overall, we have everything from clothing and hats to bronze statues and now cologne and incense.  

What makes Asher Goods special or unique?
From a buying perspective, I feel we have a unique background to pick and choose labels that are extremely functional but also look great while walking around in the city.  We really hunt, fish, and hike around in our products but also live here and use everything day to day around town.  

Any big changes coming up that people should know about?
By and large, the biggest news coming down the pipe is that we are moving around the corner into a much better location.  Should be up and running late next month.  Bigger and better.  

What type of music do you play at Asher?
We don't play too much music because we have the TV on showing the Seahawks, Mariners, UW and WSU games on.  

Are pets welcome in your store?
Very much so.  My dog Dino comes to work with me and goes nuts when he gets to play around with other dogs.
Blackbird products stocked: Incense Pyres, Beard Oil, Perfumes




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PS: Check out this little full-page editorial shot 425 Magazine did with a gentleman fully decked-out in Asher Goods gear. That's some good heritage.

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