October 22, 2013

We do OK shooting our own stuff, but some of our accounts have gotten a little more creative to shoot our products and produced some beautiful images. Take a look and see what our friends have been up to.

Alter Brooklyn put together this awesome, minimal diorama of our products, giving a great overview of some of our most popular products.


We love the display Demimonde put together for her jewelry shop in Portland. The piles/stacks are asymmetric, the cones are out so people can tell these aren't small fashionable containers of chewing tobacco, and the beautiful display artifacts (is that a tree branch in back? crystals on the table?) really make this one top notch.


The mysterious Blackmail Boutique in Austin, TX who shares our grayscale affinity put together a really unique display that presents the incense on a platter as implements of sorts. Incense is just a different kind of tool.


Haberdash in Chicago went with a close-up highlighting the hand-written labels on all of our Blackbird Incense. Sepulchre is a cult favorite.


Ten Over Six actually went above and beyond the call of duty and produced a little instagram video (videogram? instavid? instadeo?) of our Blackbird Incense in their store. With just one tin of each scent out on a white surface with a white wall behind it, I don't know if these could look any better.


It's hard to believe how many unbelievably beautiful shots our stores have taken of our products, using Paxton Gate as a superlative example. We really like Paxton Gate, including their whole vibe and selection, and nestling our products together with a cast iron hand cigar tray and a seed pod is just perfect.


Nuestros amigos at Aloha Sunday took a beautiful shot of our incense with a cone burning. Really rich and clean. Don't stare at the light for too long.


This shot from Individual Medley is all about simple texture variance. An old wood surface on the bottom, a painted white wall with texture up top, and our modern gold/black/white incense in the middle is all you need.


Prism, located literally just down Ballard Ave from the old Blackbird space, so go see these guys if you are in Seattle, gets the burner award. In a good way. So pretty. (NOTE: Their first store was Cairo on Capitol Hill, so you'll notice the link says Temple of Cairo)


Our new friends in Vancouver BC, Nouvelle Nouvelle, have done several fantastic, clean shots of our products on this wood background. A couple shots of our soap especially capture its dimensionality, and the monotone, unwavering blackness of the bars.


Lastly, this was shot at Veer & Wander in San Francisco. Considering the objects we're displayed next to are the same tools we use when making some of our products, Veer & Wander clearly has the right idea. And it looks good, too.