September 25, 2013

To help illustrate how each of our partners is uniquely good at what they do, we've been talking with them to get their own take on their shops. We hope that if you find yourself in one of our cities, you'll seek out these stores to say hello and get to know their different styles and personalities.

This time we interviewed Lori Parkerson, owner at Redeem, a men's/women's fashion/lifestyle boutique operating out of the heart of the nation, Washington, DC. We think you'll like their aesthetic.

How did Redeem come about and when?
The store was something that had been on my heart since I was a teenager. One day I decided to make the leap. We opened in October 2006.

How big is Redeem?
We just moved into our new (larger!) location at the end of August--- we now have about 2300 sq. ft.
What's the neighborhood like?
It’s evolved over the years we’ve been here.  It’s definitely “up-and-coming,” with a lot of locally owned businesses, restaurants, and bars. 14th Street NW—come check it out…
What types of things do you sell at Redeem?
We sell men’s and women’s apparel and accessories from brands and designers both national and international.
What makes your store special or unique?
We’re unique to DC in that most of our brands are exclusive to us in the city. We have a more forward and slightly color neutral point of view— less conservative than what people expect from Washington. And we’re really, really fun. 
Any big changes coming up that people should know about?
The biggest just happened!  Redeem 2.0… we’ll continue to grow and evolve in this new space. We’re pretty excited.
What type(s) of music do you play in the store?
We make our own playlist that’s usually a blend of old indie classics mixed with new releases from our faves which can really run the gamut--- I’m horrible at describing music these days even though it’s my second greatest passion, or perhaps third--- after 1. Fashion, and 2. Dogs. Our new space is very lofty— so our current rotation includes some good “atmospheric” stuff… Chelsea Wolfe, Washed Out, The War on Drugs, Baths…. mixed in with some old Adult and newly added MGMT tracks… we got a stupid [meaning awesome] new mixer and 2 subwoofers for this space and hope to do a little more by way of live music events… ie, The Knife: “Call me…”

Are pets welcome in your store?
Only if they are DOGS!  Dogs, Dogs, Dogs, people!  Bring them to us!!!

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Note: Redeem just moved and we'll update soon with new photos of the inside of the space. For now, let their militant logo tide you over.


1810 14TH ST NW


(202) 332 7447



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