CONTAINS - Thirteen BLACKBIRD 1 mL perfume samples in 2 mL glass spray vials + perfume blotter strips.

  • Anemone
  • Broken Glass
  • Cold Cave - Death
  • Hallow
  • Ophir
  • Pipe Bomb
  • Pipe Bomb Blue
  • Pipe Bomb Intense
  • Pipe Bomb Pink
  • Targa 
  • Triton
  • Universal Supreme
  • Y06-S

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 Q: How do I burn an incense pyre?          

A: First find a heatproof, non-flammable container such as a seashell, clay bowl, a rock or a device designed to burn incense cones. Place the cone in or on the container and light the tip of the cone with a lighter or match. Allow cone to burn for 10 to 15 seconds until a red ember is visible and then blow out. Your cone should smoke and continue to burn on its own. If it does not stay lit, try again.

 Q: How long will a cone of incense scent my room?         

A: Many hours depending upon your room size, ventilation such as AC or drafts. For larger rooms, burn two or three cones at once.

 Q: My incense cone didn't burn to the end. What do I do?              

A: First off, some mysteries of science and chemistry are never to be solved. Beyond that here are some helpful hints and tips. #1 Fire requires air. Try placing your cones on sand, salt or dry non-flammable soil to increase circulation. Also, try blowing on the cone a bit in the beginning to build up a larger ember #2 Made sure your cones didn't get wet or think about if the air is very humid. Water prevents fire. #3 Relight the cone. You can do this by holding the cone with tweezers for safety while you are lighting. #4 Break off the tip of a new cone. Sometimes the cone needs a larger ember to get started in life and to stay burning. #6 Don't let the flame run too long or too short before blowing out the cone. #7 Email for help.

 Q: Which of your scents are for men and which are for women?        

A: We believe that scent is a personal expression of your individuality and it's truly up to the individual to select scents that are right for them based on their skin type and personal preference. This is one of the main reasons that we offer all of our scents in sample sizes for purchase.

Q: Why can't I smell my Pipe Bomb Perfume?         

A: Pipe Bomb contains so few molecules that the nose may become anosmic to the scent. Read more about it here.

Q: My bottle of Pipe Bomb has white crystals around the sprayer. Is it defective?       

A: Pipe Bomb is what is called a "molecule perfume". One of the molecules it contains starts out in the crystal form before being diluted with alcohol. When the alcohol dries down the crystals go back to their solid state. You can wipe down the crystals with a cotton ball soaked in alcohol.

 Q: Where can I smell your incense and perfume in person?      

A: You can either purchase an incense sampler pack or the Eau de Parfum sampler mix. Or you can check our retailer page for a local vendor near you.

Q: How can I sell Blackbird products in my store? 

A: Contact for inquiry. 

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Oddly familiar

When I opened the pack I quite a punch in the face from a mixture of perfume. However, the package survived the travel all the way to the other side of the ocean, faster than expected. An odd bunch of perfumes, all of them remind me of somewhere, someone or something. And I'm in for it. Some of these have actually grown on me already. Not all of these go well with me, but I loved all of them. For example, Anemone was a little too sweet for me, but if someone else was wearing it I'd be glad they walked by. All oddly familiar and interesting. I feel most of these need an outfit to go with. Would love to pick some of these up in the near future. They're not conventional in the sense that they are not traditional. I'm all for breaking tradition. Especially when that means I can smell like wooden drawers, ozone, wet cave and swimming pool.

Amelia P.
United States United States

Love this product stays with you all day and smells amazing i bought for my husband but i use the pipe bomb pink and I am definitely buying my own bottle.

julie g.
United States United States
Such interesting perfume

A few years ago I wore Pipe Bomb. I loved it and so did the folks around me. Last month I bought the perfume sample mix plus a sample size of Cold Cave Death. Much to my surprise, (because usually there is at least one in any kind of sample pack I dislike) I liked them all. To my nose, many start off a bit odd or unusual or off putting (Death smells kind of like cold dirt), then shift and kind of warm up and generally become delicious (yup, including Death). I ordered the full size of Hallow right away and just today picked up Anemone in the seconds sale. I wanted Death, which sounds odd to say, but have to stop somewhere!

Jennifer B.
United States United States

The perfume sample mix is a nicely designed mix of scents and the small spray vials are very convenient. My favorite is Targa. It is warm and comforting.

Jarvis E.
United States United States

The scents were all fantastic--even found a couple that I'll definitely be buying bottles of, but several caps on the sample size broke after a single use making it hard to fully use.


We discovered that our new sample bottles lose their tops if they are packed in our eco padded mailer. We have changed how we pack and ship samples based on this review from Jarvis. Speak up and help a tiny company.