SCENT NOTES: rare blue things, frankincense, violet, patchouli, saltwater, sweat, metal, milk


It's that bright fizzy blue elixir with the power to make eyes sparkle-sparkle-sparkle and transform sadness into revolutionary energy. With only a few years remaining to change our ways, this pep-juice will unite the masses, clean the beaches, take on the establishment, save the blue planet and turn your tongue blue. 

This is not an "aqua" or "Bleu de..." style perfume. SMELLS LIKE: sparkling milky blue violet-berry soda over frankincense and patchouli with the original Pipe Bomb's infamous saltwater, sweaty metallic blast. Clean, fresh, bright, and optimistic. Possibly more "femme" than PIPE BOMB PINK and can be worn by her, him, and them. 

PERFUMER: Henry Aesoph

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Robert S.
Germany Germany
synthetic fruity, sour milk, metallic, sweat

synthetic fruity with sour milk, metallic and a little sweat. Very nice scent, also good for summer

Beautiful complex scent

My best friend and I both wear this perfume - we call it "good dad." Relating to the scent notes, I would say that I definitely smell the peppy blueberry soda scent and frankincense/patchouli depth with Pipe Bomb's salt/sweat/metal. But it's also the energy of going to the barber with your father as a 5-year-old and then stopping by the hardware store on the way home. Sort of a spicy, sweaty, wholesome smell. Plus, I wore this scent to my last dentist appointment and my hygienist loved it and said she was going to buy it after smelling it on me - so from someone who spends their whole day up in the grills of strangers, I feel like that was a high compliment!

Michael D.
United States United States
Incredibly unique and Delicious

I am so thrilled to own this fragrance finally. It is truly and experience unlike any other. It brings back childhood memories of blue raspberry slushies in the hot summer sun, but in the most unique, appealing, complex yet straightforward way. I smell fresh cucumbers and fresh floral moments, a woodsy feeling that is not heavy in any way, but perfectly ties the fragrance together. A salty metallic undertone that makes my mouth water and makes me crave this scent when it's not on me. I can't say enough good things about this one.

Stephen H.
United States United States
Clean and Distinguished

I loved how bright this can get depending who its on while staying within that Pipe Bomb saltwater metallic blast. The closest cologne I could compare it to is Dior's Fahrenheit on a him.

United States United States
Give it a minute to warm up

I really like the other Pipe Bomb scents and felt I had to try this, so I ordered a sample. My first sniff confused me - it didn't even seem like it was in the same family. I think it must be the violet that comes out very strong at first, almost riotously so, and the frankincense/patchouli are subtle compared to what I typically expect of them in fragrances; combined with the Pipe Bomb base (which I couldn't pick out under the other notes at first), I was super disarmed and honestly wasn't sure I liked it. The immediate smell reminded me of books somehow, or what I imagine the book binding process smells like: something of paper, dust, maybe glue. Nothing I would describe as particularly feminine. I know Pipe Bomb tends to morph, so I sat with it rather than washing it off, and kept checking on it every few minutes. About halfway through, it had warmed up enough to evoke for me the image of a studious girl in a blue peplum skirt reading in a dim, stately old library: refined, definitely a bit feminine, still fairly violet-focused but more rounded out and blended with the woody base notes. After maybe 20 minutes, it finally felt like a proper Pipe Bomb fragrance. The saltwater comes out more for me than with other Pipe Bombs, which plays up the "blue" aspect, and the violet died down some to let the berry and milk come through better. I do see why it's described as milky violet-berry soda, and would say that's accurate, like you're sipping that drink at a beachside patio in spring. Refreshing, tinged with sweetness, could be interpreted as feminine or playful but doesn't have to be. Overall, quite a scent journey, but worth the wait in the end when all the notes get the chance to balance and shine.


Thank you for the detailed review of Pipe Bomb Blue. You're good at this and we loved reading your thoughts. We're noticing that over time, the patchouli in the perfume is growing to a level that we had not intended. It's showing up too much in the beginning and overtaking that Pipe Bomb signature. Henry and I are working on a modification that should tame the patchouli and bring up the other notes. Look for a light blue version sometime soon.