November 19, 2014

Capsule, located in the Yorkville neighborhood of Toronto, offers a massive selection spanning two locations, one dedicated to exclusive apparel brands like Denim by Vanquish & Fragment and Fundamental Agreement Luxury, the other solely to the most hard to find kicks out there, and boasts a well curated assortment of lifestyle products to boot. Thanks to new brands and products dropping on a weekly basis in-store, and to its well informed and helpful staff, Capsule is always a step ahead. We got to ask manager Eric Lee a few questions about Capsule to learn a little more about the shop.


How did Capsule come about and when?

We first opened Capsule as a clothing store in the outskirt of Toronto back in 2003 but we moved to our current neighbourhood of Yorkville in 2006 and added footwear. In 2013, we decided to divide the footwear and clothing store and opened a new location just for footwear. 


How big are your stores?

We currently have 2 locations. One is a footwear store and the other a clothing store


What's the neighborhood like?

I'd say Yorkville is a posh district with a lot of stores to shop.


What types of things do you sell at Capsule?

We sell footwear, street wear and accessories from various brands.


What makes Capsule special or unique?

We try to carry brands that no one else has and is unique to our store only. 


Any big changes coming up that people should know about?

A lot of new clothing brands will be coming to Capsule in the upcoming seasons.


What types of music do you play in the store?

We enjoy all types of music but we mostly play hip hop/R&B such as Kanye, MF Doom, Lauryn Hill, Sade, John Legend, etc.


Are pets welcome in your store?

Yes they are but at times there are pets that smell really bad because the owner hasn't washed it for a while. Then they stink up the whole store which we dislike. 


Do you have a favorite scent (anything goes from perfume to apples)?

I actually like most of the scents. I will say my favorite scent is OZO.


If your store was a reality TV show which one would it be like?

If we had to pick one probably pawn stars.






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