Y06-S Eau de Parfum


SCENT NOTES: banana, electronics, agarwood, jasmine and milk

Y06-S starts off as friendly floral with a clear and contrasting electronics note to distract you from the fact - that what you are truly smelling is banana. Once the zap dies down, jasmine backs up the banana and keeps the room bright and happy with moments of milky, plasticy cream. Like a good banana, it holds strong almost until the end, with Oud revealing itself as the mastermind behind the entire composition.

This is not a novelty scent. This is not a gourmand perfume.


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Luke J.
United States United States

Second time buyihn this. I feel like an angel in the trees.

Hemi L.
United States United States
Samples purchase

There were quite a few that intrigued me from this house. So i decided to get some samples first. It's some tough times at the moment, so thank you for the great service regardless. Arrived safe and fast. Can't wait to play around with them properly. Hope you stay safe and healthy!

Josh K.
United States United States
A refugee from the bananna wars

Do you remember where you were during the Bannanacrash of 2017? When a killer computer virus crashed all the bananas in the Americas? With this aroma, you will never forget. The sweetness of the bananas of yesteryear cut with the clarifying smack-across-the-face of the burnt circuit boards that piled in the streets that fateful day. I may have long used up my precious sample vial of mournful historical event, but the freedom-fighting chemists of Blackbird have your back with more of this funky funky stuff. Suitable for when you want to smell like you were part of the battle.

Brenda O.
United States United States

I was looking for a perfume that would smell like banana this one supposed to smell like banana with jazmin and I was exited for it . When it came and smell it it did not smell nothing like banana at all not to be rude but it smell like old lady perfume. It was not fresh not sweet nothing to do with summer in my opinion. Just wasn’t for me . I’m glad I got the little sample of it because the perfume here it’s not cheap.

Stefano, I.
Bougth today

I’m a fan of banana smell and perfume. When I tried this, today, immediately I hated because the electronic smell it was too much. Then I’m go away but it was impossible for me stop smeller my hand and arms. In 30 minutes I called the shop and bought it. When the banana became a little soft and Oud can appear it’s a magician. I’m inloved about it. (Sorry for my bad English...)