The Moon Tea


Our tea doesn't smell like other teas, and it doesn't taste how it smells.

The Moon Tea smells like smoke... that's about right. But the taste, while still bearing mild smokey notes, is entirely different. Mint and licorice take the foreground while a deep woody, herbal blend constructs the backbone. The combination of smoke and herbs with licorice and peppermint creates a complex and delicious flavor that matches how we imagine the taste of the moon might be.

Initially launched in 2009 as part of the BLACKBIRD store collection alongside BLACKBIRD Coffee.

INGREDIENTS: organic lapsang souchong, organic goto kola, organic holy basil, organic Oregon peppermint, organic licorice root
FORMAT: loose leaf tea
VOLUME: 1.75 oz. wt. / 50g
CONTAINER: aluminum (please recycle)
SINCE: 2009


All BLACKBIRD teas are formulated and blended in-house using certified organic ingredients.