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One of the original BLACKBIRD perfumes, Mizuchi, was launched in 2012 and discontinued in 2018. Almost 10-years later, the perfume was reformulated in a higher concentration with greater longevity.

SCENT NOTES: ink, paper, dry woods, dry mild tobacco

DETAILS: Shinto monks in black robes smoking Seven Stars. Sumi ink paintings of black cats and water dragons. A 1991 Mitsubishi Delica's old car diesel smell. Blackwing pencil shavings and dusty books. 
There is a familiarity here - difficult to place, yet strangely close - oddly comforting.

NOTE: This perfume is exclusively sold through the BLACKBIRD website and is always sold unboxed.

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Canada Canada

Smells like an art supply shop

When I was much younger there was a stationery/art-supply/gift shop on the main street of our small city. This perfume smells like that shop during the holidays. It smells like acrylic paint, alcohol based inks, fresh christmas tree, paraffin wax, brand new erasers. And much like art supply shops in the age of the internet it rapidly fades away. I probably won't wear this perfume very often as it is too unusual smelling, but I am glad to have tried it.

Amanda K.
United States United States

Magical Mizuchi

Oh Mizuchi! The initial hit is akin to nail polish.. that leaves immediately to expose some serious magic — a humble and potent velvety plum jam tinged smoke..that mingles with violet?! Then the nostalgic scent of paper from a drawer sachet grounds it all into a familiar space where chai tea simmers in the background I love this scent! I’m testing it to see if I finally found THE scent that will be in rotation with the only everyday scent I wear for many years —vetiver essential oil. Mizuchi kind of reminds me of what vetiver essential oil does as it opens up on my skin. Thank u Blackbird for this precious perfume ! Mizuchi is definitely special.

Harsha V.
United States United States

Great to have one of my favs back

Hadn't been to the Blackbird website for a while, and didn't realize one of my old favs, Mizuchi, was back in version 2. It is as wonderful as I remember it, from a few years ago. Great to have this wonderful scent back, and in my rotation!

yves f.
United States United States


it smells vaguely similar to something i made a long time ago but with a richer deeper characteristic it was 50% kephalis 50% galaxolide this is a great spring summer transitional fragrance, would recommend to someone who wants a fragrance but does not want to smell like "perfume" kind of wish the tobacco was more accentuated like ploom but overall great fragrance

Eugene M.
United States United States

Happy to see its return

I loved the original Mizuchi and am psyched to see this updated version — pretty much smells the same but lasts longer. Reminds me of a drafting table… graphite, paper, wood. Fantastic.