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One of the original BLACKBIRD perfumes, Mizuchi, was launched in 2012 and discontinued in 2018. Almost 10-years later, the perfume was reformulated in a higher concentration with greater longevity.

SCENT NOTES: ink, paper, dry woods, dry mild tobacco

DETAILS: Shinto monks in black robes smoking Seven Stars. Sumi ink paintings of black cats and water dragons. A 1991 Mitsubishi Delica's old car diesel smell. Blackwing pencil shavings and dusty books. 
There is a familiarity here - difficult to place, yet strangely close - oddly comforting.

NOTE: This perfume is exclusively sold through the BLACKBIRD website and is always sold unboxed.

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Shot of precise nostalgia

My childhood best friend came from a moderately successful and wealthy family. His house was by far the nicest and biggest I had ever been in at the time. The kitchen cabinets were made of luxurious Brazilian cherry wood. The flooring throughout the main level was exotic bloodwood. One of their offices, which we would find ourselves in frequently, was lined with old and seemingly valuable leather bound books. The reason I am explaining all of this in a perfume review is because the scent of Mizuchi immediately transported me to this time and place in my life, a time and place that I had not thought of in a long while. The notes that I pick up from this are that of humidity-free cedar corridors, stacked parchment papers, forgotten tobacco leaves, wooden chessboards with hand-carved stone pieces, and a familiar smoke of liturgical incense. My first time smelling this resulted in half-dozen "oh my god"s. The description from Blackbird, "There is a familiarity here - difficult to place, yet strangely close - oddly comforting." is unbelievably accurate; I experienced an emotional connection to this scent that I've never replicated before or since. This review is based on the 1ml sample, but I will absolutely purchase the full-size bottle and cherish it for the rest of my time on this planet.

United States United States

Simply stunning

I’m going to buy a full bottle. I get a hint of cedar. I love it.

United States United States

magic dust

This aroma is a puff of mystery. It Reminds me of opening the wooden drawers of the china cabinet in my grandparents' Brooklyn home all cluttered with nick-nacks and oddities...sparkling wood notes, ink, paper, clove and the dust of old stuff. It is elusive, and I love that, but it wafts in and out, disappearing all too soon. For that reason I give it a 4 star instead of 5. But you could also just spray it on you all day for a clean, woody and effervescent effect. I guess that might get pricey though. Having worked with these types of aromas, I will say that these particular chemicals don't have the ingredients that will stick to the skin very well, hence their elusive quality. And there is the challenge that most of the Blackbird aromas are engaging in; walking that thin magical line between the atmospheric and organic. RESPECT!

Stephanie W.
United States United States

Tied with Pipe Bomb for my favorite scent ever

I’ve been wearing Pipe Bomb consistently for about six years, but tried a sample of this and absolutely loved it and bought the full size. I still wear Pipe Bomb, but now I trade depending on my mood! It hits on some of the same qualities as Pipe Bomb (neutral-masculine, woodsy, no hint of sweet), but it's like a slightly more accessable, lighter, fresher scent. It has a distinct wood scent, sort of like a combo of cedar/hiba/tjärved that is really, really lovely. It makes me think of crisp, mountain air. It’s especially great for folks like me whose skin turns things to sweetness: it stays in the forest, and out of the flower garden.

Darlene M.
United States United States

The best

Purchased for my son and all he got was compliments and “where did you get that”?