Bolbo Lighter - Brass



The Tsubota Pearl Brass Bolbo is an exquisite piece of Japanese craftsmanship. Dating back to 1966, the Bolbo defines understated luxury.  This vintage-style refillable lighter is made from high quality brass. The curved edges and petite size make it comfortable in your hand and easy to slip into pockets and evening bags.

Tsubota Pearl, founded in 1952 in downtown Tokyo, specializes in producing high-end metal and leather goods with an emphasis on tobacco and personal accessories.

Each lighter is handcrafted from premium materials with a simple and timeless design, making it the perfect heirloom. Select from a variety of colors and patterns to seamlessly complement or elevate your personal style.


  • compact size - smaller than a standard lighter
  • wind-resistant flame
  • replaceable wick and flint
  • refillable -  lighter fluid (shipped unfilled for safety)
  • handmade in Japan

MATERIALS: brass, steel, and cotton

DIMENSIONS: 2.5" x .9" x 0.5"

TO USE/CARE: (instructions provided with product)