The Story

An interstellar roadtrip meeting beings and having experiences.

mom flies spaceship and looks out window with space stations nebula space rocks passing by

meet beings and get into dust-ups

have nice little times

land on planets

mom knows someone who lives there, cool ass alien buddy from years ago while the parents talk about the encroaching doom. 

the story is an excuse to meet these people.

have to stop at the alien space bazar because they need money and food. go to meet Tyson the pink space alien shopkeeper with a mustache the way a walrus would.

instead of villans being "an organized grounp of bad guys" but its just humans making poor choices and being nasty

people suck

the planet got so fucked up and blasted the DNA out into space 

wants to reterraform her planet so her daughter can grow up in peace as she did (or did she?)