Hard-Edge Lighter - Marble Gray


Tsubota provides another cool way to light your BLACKBIRD incense.

Initially released in 1999, the Hard-Edge Lighter has been an iconic staple of mods, rockers, crybabies, high-power boardroom executives, sous-chefs, or anyone with discerning taste.

Each lighter is handcrafted from premium materials with a simple and timeless design making it the perfect heirloom. Select from a variety of colors and patterns to seamlessly complement or elevate your personal style.

Tsubota Pearl, founded in 1952 in downtown Tokyo, specializes in producing high-end metal and leather goods with an emphasis on tobacco and personal accessories.


  • compact size - smaller than a standard Zippo lighter
  • smooth and snappy hinge
  • wind-resistant flame
  • replaceable wick and flint
  • refillable - lighter fluid (shipped unfilled for safety)
  • handmade in Japan

MATERIALS: polycarbonate, steel, and cotton

DIMENSIONS: 2.5" x 1.3" x 0.6"

TO USE/CARE: (instructions provided with product)