Targa Eau de Parfum


Cold incense and woods burning in the distance of a frozen modern terrain. Targa harnesses earth's primal smoke and restructures it to feel fresh and contemporary in our ever-evolving world.

SCENT NOTES: guaiac wood, teak, oud, copaiba balsam, Indian frankincense, cedar, black pepper, nutmeg, choya loban, nagarmotha, Omani frankincense, sandalwood, green peppercorn, smoke, oak, cistus, ambrette, myrrh, davana, helichrysum, geranium, vetiver, caraway, opopanax

Targa opens with bright bergamot, green peppercorn, and Indian frankincense, giving the fragrance an unexpected lightness like the spark of a flame. Choya Loban, a much smokier derivative of frankincense, coupled with cade, and Omani frankincense, create an ancient, palatial smoke accord. Teak, cedarwood, and cypress give the fragrance a brisk, boreal quality, while smoky Guaiacwood, leathery oud, aged oak, and smooth sandalwood strike a dark, deep accord of woods. Fleeting traces of exquisite helichrysum, Davana, and geranium enhance the fragrance with a very subtle shade of color, anchored with enticing notes of nagarmotha.

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Elizabeth M.
United States United States

Addicting Woody Smoke Scent

Wonderful smokey, woody scent. Happy it’s back in stock. Will be my go to fragrance for a long while.


Addictive, beautiful, woody smoke scent

I bought a sample and am in love. It's sold out. Please restock soon.

Canada Canada

I tried really hard to like it.

Maybe the bottle I received was from a batch that was too new or too old? I don't know. Based on the description I should have loved this perfume and it should have smelled amazing on me. I have perfumes with similar ingredients from other creators that do smell amazing on me. I wanted to like it. I tried really hard to like it, but Targa/Taiga made me regret putting it on. It smelled of rodent urine, asparagus water, and a house fire. My husband says it smells like an alley that was used as a urinal and then set on fire. And it sticks to everything you touch when you wear it and lasts forever. I need to find out how to get this out of upholstery ASAP.

James P.
United States United States

Amazing scent

Unique and highly complimented. I’ve been directing people to your site all week.

United States United States

my one and only

About a year ago, I found Blackbird and ordered a sampler pack. I picked a few, pipe bomb, and pipe bomb blue, ophir, anemone, and lastly targa. pipe bomb also rules but all of the others pulled reaaaally sweet on me, which is an issue I have long had with my scents, since im more into woodsy musky smells myself. except, targa. I knew I would love it reading the description but smelling it on me was a new and unreal experience. It's very strong so I suggest applying with a light hand but wow oh wow every time I happen to catch a sniff my body fills with warmth and comfort. My partner says I smell like a distant burning library. This perfume is so layered and gorgeous, it truly has a sunrise-midday-sunset kind of arc to it's sniff story and lasts for HOURS. I recently purchased a 60 ml and if y'all are ever going to discontinued it please give us a heads up so I can bulk buy a lifetime supply <3 also I am local to the Seattle area so the shipping was SO bananas fast.