Pipe Bomb Intense


SCENT NOTES: saltwater, metal, smoke, amber, oud

The scent of lightning as its spears pummel the earth, the scent of metal electrified and heating up, the scent of water as it sparks and starts to bubble with energy, and the accord created as these forces vie for supremacy in the never-ending clash of the elements.


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Eris T.
United States United States

Ive been wearing this scent for over 2 years now and putting it on is still my favorite part of the day. It doesn't smell like anything else I've ever encountered but if you, like me, are a fan of spicy, earthy, aggressively gender neutral scents you will love this.

Maria U.
United States United States
So so good

This scent is warm, spicy and comforting while also being elegant, cool and clean. I first smelled it on a friend who owns a boutique but doesnt sell Intense specifically (but sells other Blackbird products) because she likes to keep it a “secret”... I only wish my bottle hadnt come not fully filled! I’ll purchase another bottle after this one, though; and another, and another ...


Thank you for the lovely review and for being a fan of our creations. It sounds like your bottle leaked. We'll email you to coordinate the sending of a new bottle.

Willette M.
United States United States
This fragrance is so addictive

This is the only thing I will let my husband wear. People stop him in his tracks to ask what is that you are wearing.

Liza B.
Canada Canada

Beautiful fragrance. I find it fades quickly though.

Jarron M.
United States United States
I was expecting something sinister...

I got a very strong top note of vetiver (although it's not listed in the top notes). After a while I get the dusty cave feeling. It's a less offensive and very fresh version of Moon Dust by MINNewYork (which I love).


Pipe Bomb Intense is simply the intense version of our single-molecule perfume Pipe Bomb. It's more in the smoky lighting, ambery, woody, tobacco, musky category. Vetiver is not an ingredient of this perfume but I can see how this note might appear. Thank you for trying our perfume and for writing a review.