Hallow v.2 EdP


Ancient rituals of oils and bath, blurring the realities of past and future, humility and godliness.

SCENT NOTES: amber, oud, frankincense, benzoin, marzipan, rose, mint

HISTORY: Perfumer Nicole Miller's first perfume (never intended for sale), relaunched in limited edition for the 15th anniversary of Blackbird. This is an updated version of Blackbird's original Hallow perfume launched in 2012. Modernized with brightness, and improved projection and longevity this fragrance is slightly more complex but stays true to the original formula. 

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Rob t.
United States United States
Sibling rivalry

I think Hallow may be siblings with Anemone. I can't put my finger on it but something in the lower level notes vibrates similarly. A sweet almost medicinal resin. It was driving me crazy so I put both on different arms and smelled myself incessantly. There is a clear difference and when smelling side by side Hallow feels lighter, softer, feminine. The little sister to big brother Anemone. It's more sophisticated with the rose and mint poking through. The thing is Hallow doesn't feel like a feminine scent on its own. Its a wonderful blend of masculine AND feminine. By comparison, Anemone seems brutish and heavy handed now. Very happy as always with Blackbird's unapologetic fragrances.


I had similar thoughts recently. The two share no ingredients but they were both created by me and I love medicine/cough syrup and lozenges. Anemone is absolutely the big brother. -Nicole

John W.
Canada Canada
Long Lasting

For me this smells the exact same as Targa. Still a nice scent but not what I was expecting.


Fascinating. Targa smells like burnt wood, like a campfire and Hallow should smell like warm sweet resins and spices.

Kim B.
United States United States
Hallow is a great scent

Been buying Blackbird’s scents sconce they had a brick & mortar location off of Old Ballard Ave! Moto Oud used to be my favorite, but they’ve since stopped making it. However, Hallow has become my new favorite, I wear it along with a little Pipe Bomb (original)!

United States United States
i'm addicted!

This is the most haunting scent I have ever come across. I ordered a sample not knowing what to expect, how the notes would layer. It truly haunts me. If the veil thinning had a scent, this would be it. It is dark, mysterious, alluring, spicy..it's everything I have ever wanted in a scent & it isn't apologetic. It will sweep you away without asking permission. It's thick, intoxicating. Thank you so much for what is now my most beloved signature scent. Don't ever get rid of this, please!

Lara J.
United States United States
Thanks for the sample option!

I ordered the Oct perfume sampler and am really happy I have a chance to try all four on my body to discover which is the most compelling over time. Hallows in winning.