My Beauty Bunny's Review of Y06-S

My Beauty Bunny's Review of Y06-S

July 29, 2018

My Beauty Bunny™ is an award-winning, top 10, cruelty free beauty, travel, health, lifestyle and fashion blog. We supplied Jen with a sample of Y06-S for review. Here is what she wrote.


Let me start this banana perfume review out by saying that I LOVE the smell of bananas – especially candy bananas. I know some of you are with me and some of you are like what? Ew! Blackbird Y06-S is SUCH an amazing cruelty free perfume – it’s very layered and complex, and the banana smell wears off very quickly to give you a lasting jasmine scent. This scent is very classy and interesting and I don’t want you to get the idea that it’s some cheap, artificially scented perfume for preteens. Not the case at all!

I first heard about Blackbird perfumes on my friend and fellow Lipstick League blogger, Eau MG. Read her review here – she is much more of a professional perfume connoisseur than I am, so definitely check her review out! So, I finally got a sample of Blackbird Y06-S from an online shop called Sportique. They have a huge array of cruelty free perfumes, beauty products and other fun stuff. I love when I find a shop that has off the beaten path products plus some of my tried and true favorites.

Honestly, based on the description alone, I was sold with this cruelty free perfume. This is obviously a cool company who treats perfume like an art form, which is something I can appreciate.

In the future there will be no bananas.

SCENT NOTES: banana, electronics, agarwood, jasmine and milk

BANANA PERFUME DETAILS: Y06-S starts off as friendly floral with a clear and contrasting electronics note to distract you from the fact  –  that what you are truly smelling is banana.  Once the zap dies down, jasmine backs up the banana and keeps the room bright and happy with moments of milky, plasticy cream.  Like a good banana, it holds strong almost until the end, with oud revealing itself as the mastermind behind the entire composition. This is not a novelty scent. This is not a gourmand perfume.

I hate 90% of the perfumes in department stores and I’m always on the hunt for something unique that doesn’t smell artificial. I know I just said I love the scent of artificial bananas, but that scent can still be created from “real” ingredients. I’m probably not making any sense, but I promise you my sensitive schnoz can tell the difference between a dollar store perfume and one created with care and higher end ingredients. And Blackbird is on the high end for sure.

After the banana scent dies down (which is in about 30 seconds), you’re left with an interesting floral that is MOSTLY a sexy jasmine but I smell a lot of “electronics” which sounds odd, but when you smell it, you get it. It certainly makes this perfume unique and edgier than the usual. I don’t notice the milk scent (and by the way – it’s vegan – there is no actual milk in the formula), and I’m not sure what agarwood smells like so I can’t say if I’m getting that or not. The end result is a very sophisticated, feminine jasmine perfume that has just enough “bite” to keep me interested. It feels like a scent you would experience in a warm tropical climate, and reminds me a lot of my hometown near New Orleans.

I’m definitely going to be trying more Blackbird perfumes in the future and exploring more of what Sportiquehas to offer! Would you try a banana perfume? Know of any others I should try? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Instagram! Next on my list to try? The Body Shop Banana Body Butter!