December 14, 2018

Big thanks to Elle Magazine for featuring Y06-S in their December 2018 print and digital publications. Although they spelled our perfume name incorrectly, we are happy to see ourselves alongside friends Zoologist and Timothy Han - A great article. Click through to read it in its entrirelty. 


The Best Perfumes Your Vanity Needs This Season

Find your perfect scent soulmate with this helpful guide. 


















Top shelf: Zoologist Tyrannosaurus Rex ($175), Imaginary Authors Whispered Myths ($120), Timothy Han Edition Perfumes Against Nature ($170), Sixteen92 Necromancy ($60), Etat Libre D’Orange I Am Trash ($149), Blackbird Y06-S ($88); Middle shelf: Juliette Has a Gun Liquid Illusion ($285), Editions De Parfums Frederic Malle Dawn ($1500), Byredo Eleventh Hour ($250), Serge Lutens Le Participe ($230), Le Labo Tonka 25 ($270), Chanel No. 5 ($160); Bottom shelf: Mugler Cologne Love You All ($70), Dolce & Gabbana Sicily ($495), Louis Vuitton Ombre Nomade ($330), Francis Kurkdjian Gentle Fluidity ($215), Mugler Cologne Fly Away ($70), Hermes Eau De Citron Noir ($130), Harmonist Yin Transformation 




Before the Web, if you wanted to buy a new perfume, you had to trot down to your local department store and smell whatever mainstream mists you could find. But the Internet has completely changed the way consumers discover fragrances. Now you can order thousands of samples from thou- sands of independent perfumers with the click of a button. The new digital scents- cape has led to a rise in weird, challenging fragrances, the kind you’d never find at a mall. Their creators have pushed into ever-stranger territory as a way to capture the hearts (and noses) of millennials, who want to smell truly unique. Sixteen92, a four-year- old house from a self-professed “spooky ’90s goth kid” named Claire Baxter, has thrived online. She started with 15 scents, and now makes more than 200 for her loyal fanbase. Baxter’s perfumes are often witchy and avant-garde. For Necromancy, inspired by “a Victorian funeral parlor,” Baxter included notes of “ancient spirit boards” and “ceremonial incense,” in addition to more traditional ingredients, such as balsamic resin. If smelling like a haunted house isn’t your thing, there’s still something (strange) for everyone this fall: I am Trash from Etat Libre D’Orange uses recycled materials to conjure up the aroma of ripe fruit and cement; Imaginary Authors Whispered Myths smells like eating flambeed peaches in a log cabin; and Zoologist Tyrannosaurus Rex features sticky pine, tart geranium, and smoldering juniper oil.