July 09, 2019

Check out this review of Y06-S on PARFUMO (in German). Here is the review translated by Google Translate

"The scents of Blackbird are already special. To appreciate them, you probably need to know that people are big fans of science fiction. And so you should explore the fragrances best under the label "futuristic". 

According to Blackbird, this fragrance represents a dystopian future in which bananas no longer exist and rich people carry synthetic fruit scents. Since I have to think inevitably of the film "Bladerunner" (the original). Imagine a future in which there are no more fruits, only artificial fruit notes. And since there are no more originals, the fruit notes become more and more artificial over time. For banana circles, for whatever reason, a tantalizing myth that makes them all want to smell banana smells all around them.

Curtain up for "Y06-S". Banana totally and of the most artificial variety - but the poor banana-free future people just do not know how real bananas smell. Jasmine, you may find ultra-sexy, so this must not be missing in any case. And, uuuups, there are a few burnt cable leftovers in the mix-tub - but that's hard to avoid, because Bananalessland is: cables, cables everywhere! 
(You just have to admit that Blackbird actually made the overheated electronics note in the scent)

You do not have to find sexy Y06-S now. Or portable. Or mass suitable. Or suitable for the Sunday visit to the Omma. You just have to imagine that in another possible world, one that may be in the distant future, people find it sexy. And portable. And suitable for mass. And suitable for the Sunday visit to the Omma hologram. 

In short, few will probably want to wear the fragrance, but to smell it is an experience. And you can have a lot of fun with him, if you get involved in the slightly weird world of Blackbird."