Mystical beauty products for witchy babes - NYLON

July 26, 2015

Problematic appropriations of Wiccan religion aside, it’s hard not to notice that witchcraft is trending—and harder still not to feel its pull. Whether it’s the aesthetic that calls to you—dark lipstick and black summer dresses, anyone?—or the mystical accoutrements, like tarot cards and sacred candles, we’re all getting a little witchier with each passing moon cycle. 

The easiest way to work a little magic into your life is, of course, through some witchy beauty products. You can stick your face in an herbal-flower steam and inhale its potent powers, light some incense, or soak in a bath of love salt. Click through to find your new favorite pampering product—and don’t be surprised if it has you channeling the goddess.