July 16, 2014

Studies have shown that a man always feels more confident and is more desirable when exposed to the right scent. Seattle-based Blackbird Ballard couldn’t agree more, in bringing its flawless, sophisticated collection of incense to the table with pyres based on perfume concepts and a mix of its own personal taste. The results, based on unusual ingredients paired together to create new and wildly imaginative scents, are guaranteed to draw a delighted response from just about anyone. Blackbird’s charcoal-based cone structures are additionally compact and easier to use than sticks (the fun is in lighting them on fire and watching them burn). Sleekly designed so one can use its lid as a burner, the incense also makes for the perfect travel-friendly companion. Not long ago, Blackbird was one of the top stores in the country for menswear, but switched to the way of lifestyle and beauty after realizing the level of appreciation people had for their fragrance and grooming products. Says Nicole Miller, founder of Blackbird, “I came to the conclusion that retail was too much work for such little gains and realized that sitting right under my nose was a single product that, if I focused on it completely, could afford me a living wage while doing what I love the most—designing more products. The incense changed everything.” Currently available in eight countries, Blackbird offers 11 different scents. Our favorites, including Hibernus, Izba and Nahk, retail for just $28.