Blackbird's scents are sophisticated and soothing - XOVAIN

January 20, 2015

I’m friends with a guy who’s super cool and totally dateable, except for one little setback: Every time I go in for a hug or lean in to talk with him, I get a heavy, sickening whiff of patchouli-scented incense. Despite his rad taste in music and funny demeanor, my friends and I can’t help but run for the hills in terms of romancing him. All because of our associations with his dated scent.

Sad, because when done right, incense is downright incredible: it can have a totally sophisticated scent and be wonderfully calming, not to mention the fragrance seems to last forever. Wasted opportunity? Not quite, thanks toBlackbird, a Seattle-based design studio. Their line of 12 distinctly scentedIncense Pyres ranges from the smoky and spicy to the sweet and floral.


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