June 05, 2014

Poisonous IV: A forward-thinking fashion, art, and music blog, with no-bullshit thoughtful and artful takes on impressive content. PIV selectively hunts worldwide for stories you haven't heard, guaranteed to fascinate and stimulate. Features include an interview with Vladislav Kovalik of Minimalistos "On Life After Death", a reflection on reductionism "Structural Minimalism", and it makes us proud to say Blackbird Triton was the latest story.

Poisonous IV wrote an excellent review and description of Triton, and you should really go and read the whole thing on their website. Check out a brief excerpt below, then read the full review and bookmark Poisonous IV to keep up.

"Named after the son of Poseidon whose namesake was passed to the retrograde moon of Neptune. The inspiration for the name is not lost upon application. Like Triton this scent is a messenger. The message delivered is cold, mysterious, and spontaneous... Bringing forth images of white rooms in pristine condition, inviting, clean, and spacious..."