February 17, 2014

Good news Seattle. Remember our bleak landscape of electronic music venues? Well, now it's time for us to get a Kremwerk.

Kremwerk is a new Seattle [techno] club. The owner moved here from Berlin, has been building out the basement underneath Rebar (access through the alley in back) into a barely lit concrete chamber, and opened the space on 2/14. Aesthetically, keep your eyes peeled for exposed fire sprinkler system, industrial lights in protective industrial cages (think steam plant, not strip club), wall of raw pipes, and so far an incredible schedule of bookings so far including a former UR (Underground Resistance) member, J. Alvarez, and the inimitable L-Vis 1990 (photos below).

If you like techno, follow Kremwerk. They are the little engine that could, the Frodo Baggins tromping into the Mordor of Seattle clubbing, and we at Blackbird would like to make sure they receive some notice.

You can read about Kremwerk in THE STRANGER, follow Kremwerk on FACEBOOK, start by favoriting Kremwerk on their WEBSITE, and you can follow their freshly minted SOUNDCLOUD.