December 12, 2013

HAROLD LUXURY FOR MEN MAGAZINE featured Blackbird Beard Oil
COMPLEX MAGAZINE featured Blackbird Perfume, Incense, and Olympic Orchids Dev One in their "SERIOUSLY SEXY GIFTS TO GET YOUR GIRL" guide
Erin Loechner of CLEMENTINE DAILY featured Blackbird Perfumes in a gift guide for CRAFT AND CULTURE
SUPERCOMPRESSOR featured Blackbird Incense in their 8 All-Natural Cold Weather Grooming Essentials
SUPERCOMPRESSOR also featured Blackbird Aftershave and Shaving Oil in their Gear up for the Big Shave piece
HONEY KENNEDY is doing a holiday giveaway (!!!), including Blackbird Incense and Rose Clay Soap
MADE AND STATE featured Blackbird Incense in their gift guide
We left some key features out. Take a look:
GIFTS AND DEC magazine featured Blackbird Aftershave
THE SPA MAN featured Blackbird Incense