July 22, 2017

Owner and mastermind Laura Uhlir behind Olive, a rad women’s store in Austin, is a badass. Olive started from humble beginnings and gradually became the beautifully designed and curated boutique it is today thanks to Laura constantly researching the best new brands, constantly hunting down the greatest vintage treasures, regularly staying late and, above all, making it happen. You wouldn’t guess that retail is hard because shops like Olive make it look so easy, but it’s actually because people like Laura are really good at their jobs. We had the chance to gather a few words from Laura about Olive and we’re excited to share them with you!



How did Olive come about and when?

Olive came about in 2012 after helping friends launch a shop of their own. I helped them with brand sourcing and buying and after their doors opened I was left wanting my own shop. I guess I caught the bug!


How big is your store?

Olive is pretty itty bitty! It's in a small bungalow & is probably about 500 square feet. But it's packed to the gills with great stuff.


What's the neighborhood like?

Rosewood, the neighborhood Olive's in in East Austin, is dreamy! It's a really hot spot in Austin at the moment. Lots of shops, restaurants, bars & even a boutique hotel are moving into the area. Lots of families live near by too. It feels very homey. You can find just about anything you'd like from a stiff cocktail to a fantastic coffee to the best BBQ in Austin all within a stone's throw.


What types of things do you sell at Olive?

The focus at Olive is largely on independent design coupled with timeless vintage clothing. We've got loads of jewelry, apothecary and gifts as well. I like things with a clean sense of design and sense of humor doesn't hurt either. There's not a thing in the shop that I'm not in love with. I figure, if I love it, others will too.


What makes Olive special or unique?

I think it's rare that shops team up vintage with independent design, which I've never understood. It makes perfect sense to me! When you're dressing yourself you don't segregate the two. Nothing's better than a fresh new shirt mixed with your old 501s or a vintage sundress & a new slick necklace. It breaths new life into the vintage and makes the new design pieces a little more approachable.


Any big changes coming up that people should know about?

Just chugging along! Olive just celebrated it's 2nd year of business, so you can look forward to more of the goodies. I'm always hunting down up-and-coming designers from all over. Bigger. Faster. Stronger ;


What types of music do you play in the store?

Well, I'm listening to Robyn as we speak (or type as the case may be), but I play a pretty broad assortment of things. Whatever suits my mood at the moment. I'm in a get-shit-done mode, so Robyn, Sonlange, Beyonce and the gals usually hit the speakers about that time. But I love playing New Wave, Chill Wave, a little Classic Rock, a little Hip-Hop, basically anything's game. I've really been enjoying Songza lately in shop. You can select a playlist based on your mood, activity or time of day -- and wouldn't ya know, they have a "shopping at a vintage store" activity, so that get's clicked a lot.


Are pets welcome in your store?

Absolutely! I loooove animals. Nothing makes me happier than a cute pup in the shop. I have two dogs of my own and Olive's namesake is a dog! Olive was my first pet as an adult, she was my spirit animal. The chillest, chubby little Boston Terrier. She loved the beach, snoring & cheese - we had a lot in common.




AUSTIN, TX 78702



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