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Motli Light - Chrome Silver

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We finally found the perfect tool for lighting BLACKBIRD cone incenseMotli Light is a rechargeable lighter and flashlight all-in-one. The ultimate tool for astral illumination and your personal smoke rituals. 

Motli's plasma "flame" precisely targets the incense tip, quickly igniting the cone and preserving the precious essential aromas frequently lost when using matches or traditional lighters. 

The Motli Light's patented ergonomic galaxy-friendly design is easy to hold, and unlike most traditional stick lighters it won't pinch your little fingies every time you need a flame. 


  • Patented ergonomic design
  • Smokeless plasma "flame"
  • up to 1000 lights per charge
  • On/Off Switch - for improved child safety
  • BONUS - High Powered LED Flash Light

DIMENSIONS: 9.1" x 1.18" x .75"
TO USE: Charge fully with the USB cable included. Press the power button to ON. Slide the big button forward to engage the plasma
CARE: Keep charged with the included USB cable, wipe with a dry or damp washcloth if smudged or dirty.