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Mars Candle


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Imaginary resins and spices from the red planet. Our rovers traverse the rocky terrain searching for signs of alien life within the silica regolith. Mars smells of warm red spicy things with a bright and dusty incense at its core. Believe it or not, our team of Martians hand-form each candle vessel using abandoned NASA artifacts and etch the reflection of their moon Deimos as a reminder of home.

SCENT NOTES: frankincense, benzoin, vanilla, clove, nutmeg

SIZE: 350 grams


PACKAGING: recyclable/reusable aluminum container, recyclable paper box

INGREDIENTS: soy wax, cotton wick, natural fragrance


  1. Remove the lid, flip it over and replace it on the bottom side of the candle - the graphics are double-sided and will move from the bottom to the top position.
  2. For an unbranded look, rotate the brand and scent name to the backside of the candle to only show the moon graphic. You can also, turn the entire candle around and go 100% unbranded.
  3. The moon lid can be used as an incense burner for our BLACKBIRD incense. Simply add your favorite salt. 
  4. As an added bonus, you may place a small object inside the lid to raise the candle to create a taller effect. 

*All BLACKBIRD products are handmade in-house using high-quality natural materials by good people who were paid a living wage.