Based in South Korea, THR Ceramic's one-of-a-kind, porcelain, handmade pieces are here to guide you through your daily rituals.

Dokkaebi or 도깨비, Korean goblins with a thousand faces and immense supernatural powers, are considered the gods of abundance, defenders against evil spirits, and bringers of good luck to humans. 

Emma loves being a part of your daily candle-burning ritual and is happy to bring good fortune to you. With use over time, Oliver becomes even more unique as melting wax drips over him. He is not only useful but also a unique art object in everyday life. 

Materials: Ceramic (White Porcelain), brass pin

Method: Wheel Throwing, Sculpt, Pierced decoration

Dimensions: 4.13 x 5.71 x 4.92 inches

Care: Wash by hand with warm water and soap.