Summer perfume is different. In the summer, the weather is warmer, our bodies are warmer, we sweat, and we wear less clothing. Contrary to most articles you've read in Vogue or GQ, summer perfume doesn't have to be the most delicate smell of nothing, or the fake smell of "water" and "grass." We look to how perfume is worn throughout the world in the hottest, steamiest of places and created this little collection for you.


Wear Triton when you are really sweaty.

Wear Targa in the hot, dry sun.

Wear Pipe Bomb Pink in the morning; it goes well with a cup of tea.

Wear Universal Supreme on a walk through the concrete jungle.


SET CONTAINS - Four 2ml spray perfume samples as follows:

  • Triton
  • Targa
  • Pipe Bomb Pink
  • Universal Supreme