The Pipe Bombs - Samples


SET INCLUDES 2 mL spray samples of all four BLACKBIRD Pipe Bomb perfumes. 

  • Pipe Bomb
  • Pipe Bomb Blue
  • Pipe Bomb Intense
  • Pipe Bomb Pink


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Annie S.
United States United States
Change in formulation?

Hello Blackbird, Pipebomb is my chosen scent. I've bought a total of three bottles of the regualr Pipebomb over a span of time. I just bought my third bottle a couple of weeks ago and immediately noticed a difference. The scent is lighter and only lasts a very short amount of time. Have you changed the Pipebomb formula? Signed, Concerned


Pipe Bomb chemically grow over it's lifespan in the bottle. Your new bottle of Pipe Bomb will never smell like the last. Seasonal temperatures and the other fragranced products you use will also get in the say of smelling this perfume yourself. This is a molecule perfume and contains only one ingredient other than alcohol. Nothing has changed but it could be the age of the bottle or your surroundings. I hope this helps.

Kevinia C.
Hong Kong
Blackbird is really special

If you are tired of the same scent that you get from most people and if you are looking for fragrances different, try Blackbird. Their fragrances have an urban touch in them. They could be daring yet you find something that makes you comfortable.

Joseph B.
United States
Stumbling and madly deeply in love

I stumbled across Blackbird at a small boutique in Chicago. I was at checkout and there were these roll ons - one kind. I smelled it while waiting for my ring up and immediately added the scent to my purchase. I wore it everyday all of the time and never was tired of it. It has since been discontinued but with faith in this company I ordered the samples of scents and samples of incense. I AM IN LOVE. My partner and I love Lone incense because it smells like his grandfather’s house. I can’t stop with Pipe Bomb Intense and Triton. I have tried all of the scents and they are all lovely and make me feel powerful. Daily I shift in my seat and catch a whiff of myself and think ‘Damn, I smell good.’ I have not been into scenting myself because before Blackbird they all seem to smell the same. Blackbird is different. Blackbird smells like magic and it is always on my body and in my house. Thank you for making this magic.

Inger S.
United States
So many choices...

I sat with my coffee beans as I put into rotation each new scent from the sample set I ordered and smelled and sprayed each one. Anemone is my new favorite, I love it!! Pipe bomb is my second. Words can’t really describe, but it gives me good feels.

Bridget P.
United States
Delux Perfume Discovery Set

I tried Pipe Bomb about 6 months ago and LOVED it! I was interested in the other scents so I purchased this set. What a great way to find the scents that go along with my moods. It has been fun seeing my husbands reaction to the different perfumes. I will be ordering again and again!