Silhouette Scissors - Black

$22.99 $34.00

Studio Carta was founded by Angela Liguori in 2004. Originally from Rome, Angela conceptualizes, designs and sources high-quality home goods, products and accessories made exclusively in Italy using materials and practices that date back to the 19th century. 

The Silhouette Scissors are stainless steel black scissors that are timeless, yet beautifully modern. This pair of scissors is designed for precision cutting, these are the quintessential, "No one touches these but me scissors. Don't even look at them funny for fear your gaze might dull them." scissors. Perfect for cutting detail work on paper or textile.

FEATURES: Powder coated, stainless steel construction, and a black Teflon coating. Designed for precision cutting. Each pair is etched with Studio Carta logo and is packaged in a letterpress paper label and clear bag. Made in Italy.

MEASUREMENTS: 4" inches tall

CARE: Clean your scissors with a clean, dry cloth between projects. Ensure they are clean and dry before storing. Avoid using around chemicals to prolong the life of the steel and avoid pitting. Store in a safe, dry space. Keep out of people.